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For the little things you do, for the love and the care no thanks could ever be enough.

We often look up to our mothers as someone completely flawless. Yet we seldom think of how difficult her journey would have been.

“A young girl of 25 is married to a distant land. With eyes full of expectations and dreams, her life midst the uncertainties, she moves ahead with a brave heart.

Years pass by and when she was barely having the first experience of what womanhood tastes like, she realizes she has become a mother. Though she is filled with incomparable joy and love, ready to be showered upon her child, she is afraid; she is scared of what future would be like. She now has to live up to the expectations in those tender eyes. She is the universe for her little child.

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Her whole world has gone under a complete change. Almost everything from morning to night revolves around the one she cares the most for.  Her dreams take a new shape; her goals change, her life changes. Each day is full of excitement and adventure.

Few months pass, she is now a confident woman ready to face the challenges of that come in her way. Holding her finger the child begins to take its first step. He begins to see the world, look at things so bright and new. She is there by his side, ready to protect him from every obstacle that comes in his way, ready to hold him when he falls and to guide him when he goes astray.

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Few more years pass, the little child can now run and play. She loves to see him grow up and it is about time he begins his journey. The first time he sets out in this world without her by his side. A new kind of insecurity grips her. She knows she has to be strong, yet her innocent heart won’t allow her to be.

Few years pass by yet again, ‘Mom you don’t understand…!’

This is what she hears too often, she wonders where the fault has been. She is filled with sorrow and grief. She has been a bad mother, she feels. She then looks at the mirror, she sees that young girl with that little child by her side. She sees those tender pair of eyes, which once gazed at her with faith and expectation, now filled with anger and blame. Her whole life seems to be meaningless. She feels desolate and she knows not what to do. She is broken.

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She loves him dearest of all but now it was not the time to repent. She collects the broken pieces and musters the courage to face her child. She learns a few things and makes him learn some. She once again discovers within herself a strong woman, with a heart that knows when to care and when to guide. She understands that even though she wants to raise her child in love, she has to sometimes make him understand the value of important things in life.

After some years, when the child is an adult, she thinks her job is done. She feels the joy of accomplishment. She is now an experienced woman and as flawless as we now see her to be. Her little child now no longer depends on her. She could now see those dreams that were once there, turning into reality. She lives them each moment of her life. She is no longer the doubtful young girl she once used to be. She is a woman. She has overcome every obstacle that has come in her way.

She is now an old woman. Her eyesight is blurred but she could still see the hidden feelings of her child. She may not walk without support but she is strong enough to catch him when he falls. She cannot speak too loud or hear too well but she still can hear her child’s grief before it’s spoken.

She now sees less of the child who used to play all around her night and day.

“Mom I am busy…..!” is the reply she gets.

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She longs for a glimpse or for an hour’s lovely chat but the child now has a world of its own, of which she is a small part. The child does need her by his side. But she is the one who wants him by her side. To reassure her and remind her that she is still loved and cared for.  But she knows it’s not her call and there are things which must be left to God. All she could do is look at the door with expectant eyes, hoping the child would come and sit by her side and she could again shower him with all her love and care and be the mother she is just once, before she silently closes her eyes and silently fades away from his life”

I don’t know why we wait for a day to celebrate or an occasion to tell her what she means. We must make her feel special every single day. Tell her what we feel before it’s too late. Today this is a tribute to the lady who has been a mother to her child and to say ‘Nobody’s perfect but if God ever made anything nearest to perfection it was a mother’

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