Troubled Adolescence

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Much like the mid-point of one’s life, adolescence is a period of grave changes and directional alterations in life. Neither a kid, nor an adult, often a teenager is put in a fix. He does not want to be treated like a child, yet the importance attached to an adult is not given to him. It is a complex period of one’s life. The influential and effective communication between the parents and the adolescent is of crucial importance as it shapes the life of the individual forever. Peer pressure, negative curiosity, defiance against norms of society, and increased rates of substance abuse has been reported in association with the adolescent behavioral patterns. The increase of depression, alarming rate of increase in the number of attempts to commit suicide, delinquent tendencies and immoral sexual activity that is inappropriate for the age are characteristic traits that immediately bring to mind adolescent behaviorstroubled adolescence.

These call for a response from the parents who shape the lives of the adolescents and are hence the most-influential in bring about a positive change in the outlook of the anxious teens.
Adolescents are emotionally and mentally different from children as well as adults. They do not have the advanced reasoning abilities that adults possess yet they think more deeply and are much more matured than adults. Not treating them with their deserving respect can lead to decay in the relationship between the parents and the teenager. The social stigma portrays those in their early, mid or late teens to be rebellious or lazy and at times even anxious and emotionally frail. A reason for this has been cited as a surge of hormones in the body during the early teenage years.

This could explain the aggressive behaviour that is seen on their part. The problems faced by the teenagers can be curtailed by an effective parent-adolescent relationship based on mutual trust and respect. It has been proven by means of significant scientific and psychological research that reaching the age of puberty not only implies a change in the body and outlook of the adolescents but it showcases a change that is faced by the parents too. This tremendous change that brings about a change in the overall perspective pertaining to adolescence and its troubles is denoted by a small example. The parents need to realise that when their children are undergoing the troublesome changes owing to adolescence, they must treat them with care and concern. Changes should be made in the outlook of the parents too..
Scenario 1: Working Parents
This is a common issue that can cause an adolescence to feel the need for the parents. They often feel deprived and left out. In need of care and concern and sentiments of understanding, adolescence with both parents who work, may grow up feeling deprived. The key is to spend quality time together and to be involved in each other’s life. Often parents who are involved in corporate jobs fail to communicate with their adolescent children which lead to the teens craving for attention. This is manifested in the form of aggressive behavior, anxiety and lack of motivation. The foundation of a strong parent-issue relationship is communication. Hence quality time is a must.
Scenario 2: Stress
Being brought up in a different time from that of the earlier generation; adolescents today face a different scenario. This stems out of social pressure, peer pressure, parental pressure and mostly the pressure of standing up to the expectations that are craved from the adolescent on account of the highly competitive world. Single parent families too lead to anxiety in the teenagers. Stress paves the way for substance abuse such. Separation in the families leads to lack of a belief system, dropping out of school and mental illness. Being made to work for long hours at school to achieve good grades the children grow up with increased pressure and suicidal tendencies. They become vulnerable to peer pressure.
Scenario 3: Parental Divorce
As a result of divorce of the parents, the life of the adolescent does undergo tremendous changes. Divorce leads to unsettling psychological changes in the adolescents. Conflict in the marital life of the parents has adverse effects on the adolescents. Intense stress, anxiety, bouts of denial and shyness, anger are results of parental conflict. Berating one parent n front of the other has harmful effects. The absence of one of the parent in the life of a teenager leads to constant confusion and trauma. Embarrassment, denial , guilt, anger can be symptoms of parental separation in the adolescents.

Adolescents have been reported to have committed some of the most heinous crimes in the country. With a lack of moral belief that is a result of lack of guidance, the adolescents tend to give in to aggressive behavior. Parents should instill in them a sense of importance and a feeling of being loved and cherished. An adolescent if neglected gives in to violence. Such is the way of the age. Teenagers require attention and concern, besides the proper guidance. Proper parenting can solve about 90% of the troubles that adolescents face in the present scenario.

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