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In the great epic Mahabharath, there have been many great people who have made this epic an extra ordinary one with their values and skills. One such great person was Bhishma, the son of the river Ganga and Shanthanu, the king of Hasthinapur. Bhishma is known as a person who followed the path of truth throughout his life. He never ever did anything against dharma. Also the great Bhishma who is the student of the legendary Parashuram is known for his braveness and talents. No one ever dared against Bhishma. Every one respected him and abided by his righteous thoughts.

We all know that Bhishma was the eighth child of Ganga and king Shanthanu. But do we know the truth behind dropping all the seven new born babies in the river by Ganga??? We all knew Goddess Ganga accepted to marry the king in one condition that he should not question her as whatever she does and if at all he does she will leave him immediately. He too agreed so while drowning the seven kids he did not question her but when she was about to drop the eighth kid too king Shanthanu stopped her. He asked why are  you killing all of our sons. She reminded him about the condition and since he did not act as per the condition she has to leave him. He felt bad but accepted it and goddess Ganga took the eighth baby son along with her and told he will reach you after some years. That boy was named as Devavirada.

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So let share you the real story behind this. The story begins……

Many years ago in heaven, there lived many Devas, saints etc.

Among them one of the most powerful saint named Vashishtar. He once invited the 8 saints for having lunch in his home. This great saint had Kaamadhenu in his home which is the cow god and it has the speciality such as all the lords of the world are present within. So the saints reached his home and started having the delicious meal. Then Vashistar served all of them with the  Kaamadhenu’s milk. Everyone just enjoyed drinking the boon from god and it was extremely tasty. But one saint named Prabasan did not drink that milk and stored it for his wife. So when he reached his home, he gave that milk to his wife. She loved it to the core. There is a speciality of this milk as it consists of blessings from all the lords and can keep the person healthy and young. Knowing this his wife asked for more milk. In order to fulfil his deeds towards his wife, he planned to steal the cow instead of milk. So Prabasan along with the other saints planned and stole the cow from Vashistar’s home and he brought it to his home. Knowing this, the great Vashistar’s anger reached its peak and cursed all the eight saints to be born on this Earth and struggle. After hearing this, the saints realised their mistake and begged his forgiveness by touching his feet. As we all know if a person realises his mistake and truly asks for apology, it is wise to forgive them so did Vashistar. He told them that their curse period will be reduced. He cursed Prabasan as he was the one who planned to steal in order to fulfil his wife’s greed desire. So he was cursed that he will be born on this Earth and will never get the happiness from a woman. And the other seven saints who was the co – conspirators will be born on this Earth and within few minutes they will be dead and their curse will be removed.

So this was the reason that Goddess Ganga will drown the first seven children of hers into the river Ganges and their curse will be removed and the eight child is Prabasan who is the mighty Devaviradan or Bhishma as he will be called on his later years of life.

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Then Devaviradan was trained by the great legend Guru Parashuram. After many years of tough practise and learning he will reach Hasthinapur. King Shanthanu will be delighted to get his son back and announced that he will be the future king of Hasthinapur.

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There comes the main part where king Shanthanu will fall in love with a fisherman’s daughter named Sathyavathi. Devaviradan will find this and will ask her to marry his father. Sathyavathi being an ambitious woman will tell him that if at all she marries him too, you will become the king and so as your descendants. Then what will the future of my sons?? Hearing this, Devaviradan will swear on the purity of his mother, Goddess Ganga that he will never ever get married or will become the king. He will remain as the devoted servant of Hasthinapur. King Shanthanu will be moved by his sacrifice and will bless him by a boon that he will die only when he wishes even the time, day and situation. And he will be henceforth named as Bhishma, the mighty one……thus through this way, the curse of Vashistar will come true and the legend Bhishma will live to spread dharma and lived in a righteous path till his death.

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