Try it before a KNOT in your Life

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Every woman fancies about her marriage and considers it as a milestone in their life. But only after their marriage they realize that they have missed out something in their life. They are excited about their marriage from the time they have reached their adolescence age. Only after her marriage she would tend to think that she could have been more practical in her childhood and in her teens. Even the most darkest memories such as the break-up, fights and the any other things that you think is the darkest memory at that point of time, will make you laugh, after you marriage. When those memories touch your heart and make your tears roll down your eyes, you think that you could have enjoyed a little more in your teens. Often in the run for education and family, we forget all the fascinating  things that we could have done before we get into a relationship. Every woman will have a big list in making their life, but will not be able to process that due to circumstances. Here are some things that a woman should try before she ties a knot, so that she does not regret after her marriage,

  1. Go on for a long trip with your sister(s) or your female friends. It is not that you won’t be able to travel after you marriage but the responsibilities a women will have in her shoulders will prevent her from planning such trips. This especially prevails in the Indian culture, where a woman, after her marriage has to take care of the house hold matters and then she is expected to give birth the following year and then comes the child’s business. With all these in her head, she won’t be able to go for a trip.
  2. Try travelling with your future spouse; this will give you an idea of how you both stand in sharing a week together, with travel dilemmas, spending money and money thought etc.
  3.  The major heart break, The Love, suffer this major heartbreak. As some woman said, it not only made me stronger but also showed me not to take love as granted.
  4. If you are strong at heart, dump someone. It will surely make you feel distressed, but you will be able to face future similar problems with courage. Don’t dump anyone without any reason. Only dump if you are compelled to do so.
  5. Settle your finances in order. This will not only give you peace of mind but also will keep your future husband out of budgeting mistakes that you did when you were single. This is not a bad idea to move with because it will bring some responsibilities on money dealing before you are a wife of another guy.
  6. Speak about you finances to your future spouse. Make him clear about, where you stand in spending money and saving money. This will allow him to plan things, better for you. A lot of relationships break down on money, because money matters can be serious buzz-kills for marital bliss or at their worst, breakers.
  7. Try living alone. Fight with your roommates but never with your mom and dad. Living alone will make you grateful for the things your spouse contributes, one they are in picture.
  8. Try living with your partner. If you are an old school buddy, you will be against this plan, but it’s better to ‘test drive’ a car before you buy it.
  9. Have a summer fling. It is a fun memory to look behind. This will not only make your mind happy and free from tension but will give you a wonderful memory to think of.
  10. Learn to cook. It is not only for your future “it’s nice” comment on your food, but also to feed your stomach, when he is out of station.
  11. Spend money to the core for some period of time. Splurge on yourself, because you can and you should.
  12. Try making a big fight with your future spouse, and then get along with him. This will make you believe that you can get through, in the future too.
  13. Date around. Monogamists often feel that they have missed out the experience of going out on a good, bad, cringe and hilarious worthy dates. Don’t be monogamists; try dating as many as possible. This will give you a better idea on men and will make you behave better with your future spouse.
  14. Face your biggest fear, let it be public speaking, bungee jumping, sky diving, rollercoaster, walking alone in dark, staying alone in your house etc, anything which frightens you the most. This will give you courage to face any biggest problems.
  15. Try focusing on you education. It’s not that you can’t concentrate after your marriage, but spend the pre-marital time in getting one or as many degree you want.
  16. Focus on your career and dreams. Don’t let them down for your marriage. This is same as #14.
  17. Clean out all your unwanted activities such as drinking, smoking, having friends with benefits. This is a major part because if you don’t control it now, you will have the same doing even after your marriage.
  18. Get to know about yourself. Understand where you stand in life.
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These are some of the points to be taken care before you tie a knot. These points would be in every woman’s list to enjoy their life. But they would hesitate to process it. This thought should be taken off from their mind and they should try all the above ideas, so that they don’t regret after their marriage.

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