Turning 21

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So, I turned 21 recently (May 12th, 2014) and I realized that among the many wishes I received, which I’m eternally grateful for, were the ones talking about all the things I was finally going to be able to do. Now, don’t get me wrong, I tend to be the kind of girl (Or is it woman, now?) who loves to play around and joke about anything and everything in the world. I’m just that person. I don’t take things seriously nor do I really care about how ‘open’ or ‘weird’ people perceive me to be. It’s strange and weird, turning older every year and being granted an extra wish than the one you had the previous time you celebrated a birthday.
This time, suddenly, it was as if all the bad things were being thrown at me. Like Marriage. Not that it is a ‘bad’ thing necessarily but just that saying that just because I’m 21 now, getting married can finally be my goal. Like, it’s something I’ve been dying to do. Just doesn’t make sense.


As per my usual strange sense of humour, I began asking my friends when the ‘alcohol’ party would begin, because they know very well how against I am to drinking, and it all went great for a while till a few of them began asking me which brand I preferred and whether I’d be able to ‘down’ an entire bottle. Suddenly, the people who I thought knew me the best became the worst people in the world as they turned my nightmare into a reality. They began planning the date on which I’d no longer be an alcohol ‘virgin’. But that was strange to me because I was just fooling around. Just when I was trying my best to shrug off the topic of alcohol and its evil ways, I realized that there would never be an end to it. Then began the topic of marriage and how many kids I was going to have. That really ticked me off. Here I was, having finally turned 21, looking forward to my independence and growth in maturity while people around me were throwing stupid remarks and narrow-minded questions.
Guys started surrounding me and ganging up on me, asking me to take a ‘puff’ off their cigarettes just to see what adulthood would feel like. But I wanted to shout and scream and tell them they were all wrong. That adulthood, especially womanhood, did not mean going to pubs and discos and getting drunk, or worse, laid with a stranger. It did not mean the freedom of sleeping around and being allowed into hook-up bars and strip clubs. These things, these pleasures that required an age proof, I didn’t want them. I wanted none of it. Excepting for driving, of course but that’s a story of over two years ago.


People, don’t approach me with ways to get caught or types of mischief to do to get caught because I don’t appreciate all that. I didn’t come this far, studying hard and working harder just to throw it all away for a so called ‘peer group’ who wouldn’t appreciate me for being myself and love me just that way. I’m not so muddled up in my post teenage brain that I don’t know what my priorities are, that with age grows responsibilities and with that a great sense of pride. Don’t throw champagne glasses and cigarette butts my way. Don’t bring me a shiny diamond ring that you think will tempt me into tying the knot. I have aspirations. Those that makes sure I’m in the right state of mind and have not lost control to petty disturbances such as the ability to get wasted as the number of candles on my cake keeps growing.


So, I raise a glass, of Chocolate Milkshake, and I say Cheers.
Cheers to finally being of a two digit age that symbolizes womanhood.

Cheers to calling myself my very own individual.

Cheers to adult responsibilities and selfless actions.

Cheers to all those childish moments in school and college that shall now only be amazing memories.

Cheers to age just being a number and to doing whatever I want to do.


But mostly,

Cheers to being allowed to drink legally but choosing not to because there are so many tastier non-alcoholic beverages that I can have unlimited quantities of and not lose control.

Cheers to being old enough to get married but not wanting to because I have so much more I want to achieve and I don’t need a man breathing down my neck yet.

Cheers to being old enough to do all the things I want, good or bad, but still picking the ones that are mostly good because I want to be a good influence on myself and on others and because I don’t need the ‘Bad Girl’ reputation to feel good about myself.

Cheers to just wanting to be the weird, quirky, silly, hyper me and to wanting to make friends, pamper my family and enjoy life with all I have and all I can get.
This is me.


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