TV Shows and their Portrayal of Women

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We are most often caught up in frenzies over celebrity gossip and unnecessary news. We’re often wondering about dress malfunctions and how people are doing things or kissing other people and stuff that really doesn’t matter in our lives. But today, I’m writing about the one part of media that symbolizes women, its portrayal varying from show to show, but nevertheless, the message is the same. I’m picking Sitcoms this time and I’m going to list out some of the most famous ones and how they show the world the different kinds of women.


How I Met Your Mother

This is one of the most popular shows of today, its ratings higher than ever and its views on a constant upscale. The reason I picked this first is because in it are two women, so dangerously similar yet sinfully different. On one hand, we have Lily, the bossy and emotional wife of Marshall. She’s sweet and tiny, her plans always mischievously meddling and she somehow tends to get her way no matter what she does. Then there’s Robin, the woman who’s been brought up to live like a boy, her constant attempts of being strong hearted and boyish always failing her highly hoping father. These women have their problems, they have their issues but they’re symbols of strength and of great courage as well as wonderful sacrifice. They’re sexy, smart and funny, wrapping all the guys around their fingers.




Besides the ever lovely Kate Beckett, this show has two other women, three, in fact who are powerhouses of women. One, of course, is Castle’s mother who always waltzes around, making plans as she goes with her gracefulness and her confidence as she leads everyone to follow her every move. Then, there’s Castle’s daughter, the gorgeous over-achieving teenager who has her highs and lows but manages to maintain her dignity and maturity even through the most difficult situations. Then we have Laney from the Homicide Department of the Police Department and she’s a fireball of a woman. She’s sensuous, sarcastic and very professional, hardly getting her feelings in the way of her business. Of course, we have the beautiful Kate, who is portrayed as the vengeful detective of her mother’s murder who aptly plays the role of a woman in an extremely prestigious position.


Two and a Half Men


A drastically different take on women, this show portrays the gender as a bunch of brainless barbettes that are willing to get into any guy’s pants. Especially, Charlie’s. The drunk addict seems to find no difficulty in finding women no matter where he goes just because he’s ‘good at it’. With him gone, there are Alan, the seemingly hideous middle-aged man and Walden, the gorgeous millionaire. They still seem to get wonderful women as the show progresses through a series of blondes, brunettes and red heads, each of them naked in someone’s bedroom. It’s either for the beach house or for his money but in the end, he gets them all. Excepting Berta, the housemaid with spunk and character, most other women are plain ignorable. Unlike Rose, who is extremely creepy?


Desperate Housewives


Let me not get into the details of the characters, but this is one show that portrays multiple aspects of women brilliantly. Tight lipped women who don’t talk about their problems, overly friendly females who go out of their way to help, sad elderly ones who just enjoy watching other people’s lives, young, sexy ladies who try to flirt with every man they see, vengeful and spiteful girls who try their best to make sure someone’s hurt… Lives of gossip, hatred, love and desperation. It’s a tale that winds you right in and makes sure you don’t get out without having a great time.



Enough said. Three female characters, incredible chemistry. Women of substance is what these three are. First, there’s Rachel Green, the rich spoilt brat with a sharp tongue and a great sense of humour. She’s gorgeous and witty, yet not really smart but she’s sensitive and passionate, her head in the clouds about the perfect man. Then there’s the quirky, spunky Phoebe Buffay who’s full of life and loves to live crazily. She’s street smart and funny, beautiful and lives life in the moment mostly doing what she loves best. Next is obviously Monica Geller, the cute brunette with a major cleaning obsession and a massive crush on older men, especially Richard. She’s adorable and small, full of energy and is extremely bossy. These three make up most women in the world with their own highs and lows. Throughout the show, we also have Janice the overly loud woman who’s Chandler’s life interest and the series of women in Joey Tribbiani’s life.


There you have it. My pick of fabulous shows full of damsels of all kinds.
They’ve made my free time so much more enjoyable as they will yours, I’m sure. These are, however, just a few to the many many amazing shows out there. But these are my favorites so, be sure to catch them all, lest you’ll miss the best of today’s television shows.

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