A mother’s love

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One of the most difficult jobs in the world, one without breaks and holidays, is that of motherhood. Women all over the world often have mixed feelings about this stage in life that involves creating another heartbeat. While some swear that it is the best time they’ve ever spent in their lives and that it makes them feel like their years have meaning to them, others tend to disagree and state that it is painful and all the physical changes are just not worth it.

All in all, at the end of the day, when there is a baby in a mother’s hands, she forgets everything she’s been through. Suddenly, the worst is no longer a memory and the pain is a thing of the past. The only thing that matters is the new born in her hands waiting to be loved and cherished. Ask most people and they will agre e that the sight of a baby in a new mother’s hands is the most beautiful one of them all.

True, the stages that the child and the mother go through together are definitely both uphill as well as downhill, with tears and sorrow coupled with laughter and happiness as well. Looking back at life, thinking about how so many different emotions are portrayed from one stage to another, neither of them regrets even one single moment.


At first the routine starts as the baby weeps late into the night, waking the household up and making then run around her in frenzy.  But mostly, it is the mother because she’s the one who is always connected to her child, waking up much before she begins to start weeping. This goes on for most a year and then there’s the amazing moment of the child’s first steps. She takes one step forward and before she can comprehend what’s happening and what the whole fuss is about, the mother is already in tears, happier than she’s ever been. The weeping is forgotten and the late nights soon become a routine. The sleeplessness is forgotten and all that matters is that the precious child is happy and laughing heartily for the rest of her life.

Soon it’s the child’s first birthday and it’s a day of joy as the mother calls everyone she’s ever known in her life to celebrate with her yet another favourite day. Hugging her close to her body, she cradles the child, smiling into her sleepy face, knowing that she’ll never love anyone as much as she loves her. She can’t wait for her child to grow up and for the numerous cakes to increase both in size and it terms of the candles on the icing.



Afterwards, preschool begins and the mother realises how difficult it is to part with her baby especially when the latter is crying her heart out. But as the weeks pass and she gets used to it, she realises that her heart is always with the child and that she’ll never be able to part with her completely. The thought of her baby ever leaving her is heart-breaking and so she chooses not to think about it at all. But then, she can’t help it because every waking moment of every day, it’s her fear and that’s the only thought she has when she sleeps at night.


Then, it’s time for her to go off to college and the mother watches as her little bald baby with a tiny frock has now turned into a beautiful teenage girl with long flowing hair. Wiping off a tear, she waves goodbye. This is the most difficult phase as arguments begin to grow and the kid no longer sees eye to eye with the mother. Harsh words are exchanged, leaving them both to think that they’re not loved when in fact, that’s far from true. This becomes a habit as well. They’re not aware yet but when they grow old, all these moments will turn into precious memories that they both wish to hold on to.

Five more years pass and the mother is alone in her huge house as her daughter recently moved out. She’s married now, with a family of her own and that makes the lady realize exactly how terribly lonely her own mother must have felt years ago. But it’s too late now to take things back because the only thing she wishes for is to have her mother back. She knows that her child will feel the same way about her. Perhaps she won’t be there anymore.
Soon, her entire life flashes in front of her eyes and she takes a deep breath, watching her child and grandchildren gather around her looking solemn. She gives them a shaky smile and then eventually, she breathes her last. Funnily, her life, she’s been terrified of losing her child. But now, her child is losing her but that’s the way life is supposed to be. As scary and bitter as that realization is, it is also the saving grace of every relationship.

The lady wipes away a tear and bids her mother goodbye as she picks up her child and continues the circle of life.

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