The Upcoming Generation and the Technology

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“Mom see, I got something on the road”, Johnny came running to her mom and showed her a square type thing, which looks like ancient old. His mother see’s and smile. “Why are you smiling mom?” Johnny asked his mother worried “tom says aliens had visited our planet and they left this for us, look I found it. Let’s go to police.” To this his mother laughs out loud at the innocent words she heard. “Oh no my child”, she replied with a calm voice, this is called a book.  This was used by our ancestral long before. That time, they used to have this books from which they used to read, and books or diaries in which they used to write like you do in you ipad or tablets.” Said gave him the information about history.

Oh no don’t worry, this will take some more time, when books won’t exist. Everything will be done on laptops, phones, ipads and tablets. This is a thought by me, going in future time. Children will have just one tablet or laptops than the heavy workload on their back containing books of bag. The time has actually changed, and the little possibilities can be seen in some parts of the world. Foreign countries have already given their students laptops and started the e-book concepts. India will take a little time.

It is summer vacations. When we were small, we used to wait for this summer vacations a lot. Because it is the only time where we can play without the fear of getting homework’s done and tension related to studies.

But today’s new generation offspring’s, they love to lie on the couch, and have a tablet or a mobile phone or play stations in their hands to play throughout the day. They know even the tiniest information about the new applications in your phones. Now a days I see even a 2 to 3 years child know how to work or play on the tablet. Technology is playing its role fast in this world. It was said by a great person once, no sooner the computers will rule the mankind and there is no doubt that it is the fact of today’s worlds.

Every other child now has a mobile phone or a tablet better than yours. They discuss more of applications and scores of games than the cartoons and stupid things we used to discuss in our days. Every parent wants their child to be smart in whatever they do, and so these tablets are in form. But are you really giving your child something that will help your child be intelligent or dumb?

Well this is obviously a debate question that technology its better or beast. As they say every coin has two sides, yes! Technology can prove good for your child, but if it’s been used in limits, like to Google about the general knowledge, to help out in project, to play games that would enhance our ability to think and learn like puzzles, finding the spellings etc. this all can help your child to be intelligent and active. Can be helped to reach out to their friends, if missed a class work, or something good that would help your child further in future.

What about the demerits? There are a lot of demerits about technology. I am not saying don’t handover your child the tablets or phones. The time has changed. It’s now every day’s life basic necessary for everyone, from adults to children. But it should be used in limits. Playing and being on face book and twitter all day won’t help your child as well you to be healthy smart and intelligent. Sitting on a place with mobile phones and tablet, will only harm your eyes, and body as it it’s not been kept healthy by playing outdoor games that enhances the ability to boost energy and be active. Also being all day at home won’t give your child the vitamin D that is important and which can be gained from sun.

We see every other child is having a bulging belly, due to the fast food trends now a days. How irresponsible can one be? Giving your child healthy food, make them go out and play in the sun, let them get dirty in mud. But don’t let them be the lazy ass on the couch, doing nothing.

It will also affect the brain of the children. The tablets and mobile phone lights strain the eyes as well as make brain lazy. It has a huge affects on brain. Every other child should be active know about the books, and should read news paper. They should be smart enough to know about the world around. But what they know is all the millions applications names and how they work. They know which application is better, and which is not good.

They know the latest mobile phones and their merits and demerits more than you know. They know every single bit about technology, but hardly about our country, they hardly know what is written in textbooks, they hardly know who is running India. But they remember all honey Singh songs which have the bold words, which children should not know.

Can you see the change? Think about it, it’s up to us to see if it’s good or bad for the next generation.

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