About Us

Women are as good as men; they are as strong and powerful and should be treated with respect. These are clichéd sentences that will definitely lull you to sleep.

The routineness of it is enough to make your mind drift off to more stimulating places.  We agree that women are all that and more but why use this worn and torn way to express this phenomenal human power.

We are anything but passé and we are here to stay.  Dedicated team of writers with a burning desire to pen down their love support aggression and tears for the fairer sex. We refrain and frown down on the way issues related to women are handled in the society and are out to prove the adage that pen is indeed mightier than sword.

This blog is not a philosophy lesson, we bring you practical real life examples of fiery women who have taken world by storm, and we bring to you stories that will move you, touch you, free you and heal you. When feelings flow they are best channeled by words and result is epic. Each of our articles is a testament to the above sentence.

So join in and read along with us to see what power the ladies yield, enjoy and be a part of the world from a women’s eye.

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