Violence in its different forms

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The mayhem of political, social, communal unrest strongly characterizes 21st century.  To capture Nelson Mandela’s words ‘20th century will be marked as the century of violence’ and with the lapse of the century the situation worsened. Violence now prevails as a feature of society, with confidence and collectiveness. From Chicago to Nigeria; the need for concrete measures to curb down violence is the need of the hour. The third world nations who have a double battle of firstly restore its economic prosperity and constantly fight the global economic conditions followed by achieving a parable lifestyle for all the classes of its citizens. Countries where there is a dearth of economic flourishment, where education is a privilege, two squares of meal is strife, the socio cultural development is always a subject of secondary importance. However violence is not limited only to ‘undeveloped’ or ‘developing’ nations. It has intruded every society and has taken a heinous shape which is dehumanizing.


Women have always been a victim of oppression and violence taking new shapes and sizes have undoubtedly left its most prominent prevalence over the gender across the globe. Listing the various forms of violence or voicing few of them would certainly not bring a big change in the situation. The scene till now has been that of healer. Media in the last few years have got violence into limelight in a big way; as a consequence it got a fair share of notice by the political parties and crawled up the ladder in the political manifestos. Safety has been an issue which has been a subject, much discussed and debated in the sound proof glass cabins by men of honor. We rightly fail to acknowledge it is not something which can not only be treated by legislation. The local bodies have to be educated, empowered and ensured that it works at grass root level and there is a concrete set of body established which will lead to enforcement of laws. In a country like India, people see courts as the unblessed institutions. The judicial body has failed to instill faith amongst the countrymen. It is more identified as a deal of money and muscle power and it is an impression forged by the deeds of the body itself. The inefficient relationship between institutions of public development and t common man has seeped in fear and distrust. Social development cannot be reached without weaving a thread of participation with every section, tribe, community which in totality will bring a difference in the mental outlook. Else there will only be a deepening of differences between men and violence will intensify in all forms.

Being a part of a third world country with a bounty of traditional and cultural norms along with coming from feminine gender the vulnerability of the race is self witnessed. Safety is probably a secondary issue for millions who are continuously in strife to achieve respect.  More than physical harm violence takes the toll on mind. It is high time violence gets addressed in all forms. The status of women is the prime subject and due to its insignificant development over the years, violence prevails with impunity. The idea of women empowerment hasn’t yet been reached to multiple pockets across the globe. Education, empowerment, enlightenment are never heard terminologies to them. Their role in nation building is limited to vote bank status and end up being political ploys, feeding the personal benefit directed motives of few powerful men. Tabulating ways to curtail violence against women would hardly bring a long term development. If a particular race for years has been identified and acknowledged as inferior and is rightly propagated to generation after generations, it is likely to prevail with strong momentum in the society.

The recent case of Sudanese woman convicted with death penalty and 100 lashes for adultery rightly shows the extent of oppression where a pregnant women is tortured, depriving her of her fundamental and humanitarian rights. When state laws start playing an active role in personal decisions, life becomes a tailor made piece of craft. There is a complete seize of freedom of choice. Such cases are prevalent in every society and in massive numbers where everyday millions loose life for being a part of feminine race and amongst those lucky one who is given the sheer chance to feel the light on earth is put on the debt trap since her first step. Her coming onto the world was not her choice and so she is expected to remain indebted to those who didn’t kill her, with that smile on lips , those rubbed eyes darkened with coal, the sunken cheeks fluffed up with glittery powders they remain all ready to take all the pain.


I wonder how painful life must be for those souls where dreams are nightmares, where voicing wishes is dreadful where breathing is taxing the body. It is high time women stand by women and I can challenge there are numerous men who will stand by. There are multiple ways to heal the situation. All required is the realization that it is not state’s sole responsibility. Society is made by people and so is state. Thus its individual responsibility to help oneself and the near ones. Mutual respect and love can fight biggest perils and forge prosperity in any situation.


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