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Virginity is something which is very much special and important to all humans especially the sacred women. From the age of world’s birth, woman has been considered as the sacred goddess of all. Without her, the world and all life forms would perish. She only cherishes the life forms and brings up her children in the most prosperous manner and bestows them with love and care. Such a woman considers her virginity superior than her soul as virginity is her sacred soul. But I have a great doubt for years… is virginity referred only to woman??? According to me virginity is sacred and should be cherished and endured by both men and women. But from the beginning till today, it has been cherished only by the women side and endured even at very difficult situations. During many occasions we have heard in history too that there were several women have sacrificed their lives to safeguard their virginity. But men take it as an opportunity and harass woman and torture them to do as per their desire… this has happened and is still happening all over the it educated or uneducated… they are behaving as the worst of all in this concern.

So during the age of kings, it is so common that the king will get married to many princesses and it is not at all a mistake. If enquired they will tell it is so common among kings and we have to endure it. But the queens had to maintain their virginity and be true to their better half… but I don’t get it whether it is one to the girls?? Then what about the king’s virginity?? Is he being true to his wife? Is he maintaining his loyality towards her?? no…. not at all. But if at all a woman talks or have friendship with a man after marriage, that’s it.. she is considered as a bitch and treated very badly as is she is worth less than a mere rat.. it has happened in the past and I swear it is still in progress in many places… but the saddest and shameful part is men never ever realise or safeguard their purity.. I do agree purity lies with the heart and souls but this is also a very important thing which everyone must treasure.. we should be cultured and know which is important. Just for a mere desire, treating woman like a slipper cannot be tolerated anyone.. will never ever be tolerated..

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There were great woman like Draupadi who stood against this evil act during the age where woman were not given equal importance nor treated in a good manner. So why cannot we do it now?? Sure we girls can do it. whoever tries to make us impure, the very thought should be punishable. Be it your boyfriend or lover it does not manner because it is our duty to prove them kindness is great than mere lust and desire.. guys should really feel ashamed for considering their virginity as a mere thing which is the main reason for all these acts going on currently all over the world.

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I am really feeling sad to tell that the overall rape count has been increasing by the day and more in our sacred country. We all know about the Delhi tragedy where that young woman was brutally raped by four to five low rated men. They did not leave with that instead she was treated in a cruel manner and thrown out as a waste paper. Finally after struggling for some days she left this impure world. But the most horrible thing is even after this incident which took place in our capital city, there were many such incidents similar to that. Guys I just want to ask one question how do you think a girl can live after brutally using her?? Is that why nowadays you guys are enjoying by having her and killing her as if you are helping her?? And you will continue to do the same and in future will get married to a pretty woman who is still virgin but you lost it long back?? How do the hell you think you can be as a play boy but your beloved wife should be pure and be true to you? Wow this is really amazing. But this is what happening friends.. there are ways to find out whether a woman is virgin or not though she considers it as superior than her soul. But friends still there is not even a single way to find out whether a man is virgin or not. If at all there was an way to find, I guess most of the men will be unmarried or to consider this for a moment they will consider their virginity a bit more than now. I wish god to help us find a way so that it will be very useful to know who is a play boy and who is really worth accepting as a better half. I am now too telling virginity is not the only factor to be taken into account but it should also be considered which many guys are failing to realise.

Hope they will soon realise that virginity is for both men and women…

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