The Virtue of Women

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In life, it is sometimes said that experience is the best teacher.

This quote can be applied to so many instances of life, and it surely must be when we’re discussing the various virtues of a woman. For so long, the major problem with the emancipation of women has been that men – and even women themselves – failed to know their own virtues. Despite a strong belief in gender equality, there are some things that are unique to men, and some very interesting ones that are unique to women. When you grow up with surrounded by women, you learn to understand some of their more subtle emotions. It is an interesting thing to see, the gap in inhibitions between men and women.

Whereas men are happy to take children into sometimes risky situations (we always believe nothing will go wrong), women are not at all in agreement with that. Women have a sense of perception that is very often more managerial than many men – they’re able to perceive the little things that are crucial to life, the things that many men often miss. Women are generally so much smoother and refined in many aspects of life than men. But the problem with that idea is that it is very often left as that – an idea. In the past, many women have lost their credibility for the simple fact that they have not ever applied that special talent of theirs intelligently. Just like a man, when their inner potential isn’t tapped into, they end up as wrecks. And very often, they’re preyed on by a few manipulative men. They expose their vulnerabilities and apply a light touch of their inherent delicacy to their demeanour. This often attracts predators eager to take advantage of them.

But when women use their inborn talents properly, they go far and beyond. They become stand-out parts of society – inspiration to many men and women. Here in India, women have shown time and time again that they’re a major part of India’s history and future. Women like Indhira Gandhi – the ex-prime minister of India. Mother Teresa, a heroine across the globe. And today, it is women like Hasina Kharbih (mother of the Meghalaya Model) who inspire some youths to do good, and save others from the darkest corners of the world. India’s greatness is built on the back of the humble women toiling every day to bring their goods to the market. They fight every day to make sure that every single one of their loved ones’ aims are fulfilled. It is crucial for a nation to make sure that it is going at 100% at all times, and not just benefitting from the knowledge of 50% of the population. Why should a country not thrive simply because of some old stigmas that were clearly wrong? The power of a nation lies in its ability to tap into every single atom of its composition, and a woman is one of its most reactive elements. The ability of women to keep stability in a house can very often be translated to political, geographical and even global scales. Angela Merkel is one of the coolest heads in Europe. Under her guidance, Germany have largely kept themselves safe of the economic crisis raging through Europe. Joan D’Arc single-handedly waged war on the English, bringing happy times back to their homeland. And even in show-business, women are appreciated for so much more than their perceived sexuality (which is a virtue within itself when it is tied in with sensuality, but not alone). Beyonce and Oprah influence millions of women all over the world with their insight and fabulous presences. Marilyn Monroe is as ever-lastingly ingrained our minds as Bob Marley. Women have defined generations by doing that which they love best, and it is this skill that needs to be tied to their inherent sensuality and smoothness to make a powerful cocktail of humanity that can best any man or woman. The failure to appreciate and nurture those virtues is one of mankind’s greatest failures, and it is obviously one of the reasons that our societies today are so imbalanced.

For so many years, women have been oppressed and tread on. For so many years, they suffered in silence and were never able to help men and other women in the same situation understand them.

But then the 20th century arrived, and women around the world finally began to earn their rights as equal human beings. Finally, they could vote! Finally, they could write without using male pseudonyms, and they could have factory jobs. Great strides were made towards the acceptance of women into society as equally intelligent and equally powerful parties. Women around the world began to share stories, experiences and solutions to each other’s’ hardships. For so long, where there was silence, there were now a dozen platforms for them to understand each other’s problems and no longer antagonize each other due to manipulative sects of the male population.

The world has been made ready for the overhaul of small-minded people who denigrate women and their abilities, and the 21st century will probably be as much about technology as it will be about women finally getting their deserved respect.



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