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There she was lost in her own world, one of my favorite friends; I have been searching the entire school for her over the past hour, sitting on the staircase by the side of the principal’ office. As usual, I asked her to come for the school trip and, she denied. She never went on any of the school trips because she was afraid of those rides neither did she attend any school parties because she thought she would never look as good compared to those girls who always became the center of attraction.

waiting for someone special 4

In life we come across all sorts of people some good some bad some cheerful and some “leave me alone type”. Living outside my home for almost eight years now one thing that I have realized is everybody, even the worst of my foes, has one thing in common, they all have one silver lining, one good quality that distinguishes them from everybody else.

However there is one class of people especially among the girls who do not seem to recognize their true potential. They are still living in a world where they believe that a knight in the shining armor will come and make them realize their true potential. One such person was the friend who was dearest to me. I tried to encourage her, to make her know she is much more special than she believes herself to be. All my efforts did not seem to bear any fruit. When I use to kid her about the day when someone special would come her way she used to blush thinking about it.

I do not know why girls wait for that unforeseen day when someone will appear out of the blue and turn their world around.  They wait perhaps, because we have listened to countless fairy tales when we were young. We believed in these fairy tales and their happy endings.

waiting for someone special 2

What we forget however is that these fairy tales do not belong to our time. They were recited centuries ago and are still being recited as a part of some legacy. There was a time when a woman’s life was dependent on her husband. A time when woman were know as “she is Mrs….”.

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Today however it is not the same, the modern woman is independent and confident. She is known by her own name, has her own identity. Her social status is based on what she does and not on what her husband does. Today women do not need a man to survive but they want him only for her emotional needs, as a man would need a woman.

This is a world where women have to fight for themselves and their rights. A day, when someone would come and rescue you from your fears, may never come unless you are exceptionally lucky. The question however is, not if the day would come but why do we want it to?

We must let go of the stereotypes that make a man pay the entire restaurant bill or pull the chair for her girl to sit, or open the car door for her, these actions are surely a sign of a well-bred man, but is it fair in the world where women fight for equality and freedom?

What would be left of women empowerment if women still need a man to let her know how beautiful she is? It is you who has to realize your own value. We must not forget “the world looks at you, the way you look at yourself”. How women are perceived today is a result of years of struggle and constant striving. They have fought for their rights and continue to do so. Letting a man control how you feel not only makes you less strong but also give them the right to make your decisions. Why give them that control and throw away those years of effort and hard work.

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I do not mean that a woman must not listen to anybody and do whatever she wants. We do know that there are two types of people one who listen to nobody and one who listen to everybody and both are destined to fail. All I want to say is that it is you who must define what you are. You must not let someone else define you. The real beauty of a woman lies not in the curves of her body or the blush on her cheek. It lies but in the confidence of her eyes and her belief, which cannot be shaken by any power in the world. Women will really be free when they no longer need a man’s arm around her to stand up and face the world.

When fairy tales will also be fair tales that do not give us false hopes and promises of a world where girls will be but more than just princesses and fairies. In today’s world being a princess is a mistake and fairies do not really exist. You cannot be that delicate and fragile you have to be strong and ready to face whatever comes your way and it would only be possible when you stop waiting for someone special. When you decide nothing that comes your way can break you ever.

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