Walk Out -part 1

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We women are very emotional and trusting. When we love someone we love them with all our heart, no matter what. We trust them completely and believe everything they tell us and never doubt them. We put them before ourselves and would absolutely anything for the person we love. And it is very hard for us to let go. We keep hanging on to a relationship even if it is bad for us, hoping that things will change. We give the other person our everything hoping for nothing but just a little love in return. Not just this but we also give them the benefit of doubt where its not needed! But it is high time that this should change, we should take charge of our lives and live for ourselves. Our happiness should be in our own hands. We should not stay in relationships that are bad for us, where we are not given enough credit or where our needs and wants are not taken into consideration. We should not be in a relationship where we are taken for granted, because relationships are always a two way road, and if not then someday all of it will fall apart. Here are some signs that tell you that you need to leave because you do deserve much better than this.

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#1 Do not become the last resort

Sometimes your man may be with you when you need him, or when you have a problem or an emergency and completely forget about you otherwise. Do not let this happen, do not let yourself become his last resort. He is never there for you generally, when you want to talk to him, tell him about your day find out about his. He is always busy when you want to talk to him but expects you to be there at his beck and call. He wants to talk to you but only at his convenience and does not bother to adjust for you. Not that his work is not that important but if you mean that much to him he will take out time for you no matter what. So if this has been going on with you for some while then it surely is time for you to think again.

#2 Flirting around

All guys flirt and look around, this is common guy behaviors. Rather if a guy would not do these things, that would be a bigger cause of concern. And it is okay for your guy to flirt around a little here and there with girls its okay. And if he talks to you about some of it you should not worry, rather you should be reassured that he considers you close enough and in completely honest about everything. But if this becomes excessive in a way that other women are all he talks about or this topic forms most part of your conversations then you have something to worry about. If your guy cannot live without making a comment on the chick that just passed by then you need to leave, right away. And don’t think that is your fault at all, that probably you are not pretty enough or something. No its just who he is, and there is nothing you can do about it.

#3 Relationship is a two way street

If you find yourself in a relationship that is totally unbalanced in the favor of your partner, then you are not in a relationship, you are in a dictatorship. A healthy relationship is a relationship that is  balanced. Sometimes you have the power and sometimes your partner does. Then things are okay, but if the power is always in your partners hands then its not a good sign. If you are treating them like royalty while they leave you feeling like a worthless peasant, then it’s time for you to get going. It may be hard for you to leave when you feel less appreciated, but that in itself should be enough to go out and get someone who will appreciate you more. However much you love them you should leave that very moment.

#4 You are unique

If your partner keeps comparing to you to his ex on everything. The way you two are they way you fight, the way you handle the fights etc. If your partner brings up his ex more than required and keeps threatening you to leave for her, but when you get serious he just says that he was joking. Or if he keeps saying that the time before you or when he was with his ex was the best time of his life, you should not blame yourself for it. You do not have to try to be someone else for him, he should like you for what you are and should not compare you to his ex at all. He should rather rarely even bring her up.

#5 The spark should be alive

After weeks or months of being wooed by your other half in the early stages of a relationship, when the dust begins to settle things should not become monotonous. We’re not expecting to be swept off our feet and taken away to an exotic island to be showered in expensive gifts, but many couples often lose sight of the small romantic gestures that make the relationship feel that bit more special.  However, if you realise that all romantic gestures have stopped because your partner no longer feel as strongly for you now, this is a sign that your relationship should come to an end.

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