Walk Out- part 2

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A few signs that you are in a bad relationship and are being taken for granted and you should leave right away for your own good. Relationships are nice and healthy and make you feel good, but sometimes things do not work out and you have to end it. It might not be your fault, but you still keeping hoping on hope. You might be trapped in a cycle and do not realize that things aren’t going to get better. So don’t ignore all these signs and stop hoping for things to change because of they had to they would have a long time ago.

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#1 Argument is good, but not too much.

Arguing is a natural way to get things off your chest that are upsetting or annoying you. Good relationships are about having good conversations and being happy when you’re around each other and smiling at the mere sight of him, not constantly fighting and being upset. If you find yourself getting into arguments over nothing and everything, there’s is something wrong. If you fight constantly over the same thing over and over again and there seems to be no solution to your problems and no end to your fighting then sadly you should leave and not put yourself through any of that. Because you might try your best to hold on to things and find a solution to your problems but there isn’t going to be one and you will continue to be sad until you leave.

#2 Feeling good is important.

A relationship is something which is supposed to make you feel good about yourself and makes you happy. You should never find yourself believing that you’re not good enough for your partner. Or rather your partner should never ever make you feel less about yourself.  Even if it’s said in a joking way, something about your looks, your job, your intelligence or any matter that relates to self-esteem can really hurt. So if your partner is the reason you start losing confidence and start thinking less of  yourself and feel bad, then you are not in a healthy relationship. A relationship is supposed to make you feel good about yourself. You partner is supposed to give a boost to you ego and appreciate you and support you at every step and if he is doing the complete opposite, it is high time that you stop feeling bad about yourself and leave.

#3 Have some space.

Maintaining the right balance between dependence and independence is tricky. Too much of one and people feel smothered. If a couple gets to the point where they have nothing in their life apart from each other, they need to back away a little. Otherwise, one partner will feel the need for space and resent the other for taking their freedom away.

Alternatively, if too much independence is asserted, the other person starts to feel lonely. If one partner has an all-absorbing job or interest with nothing but the minimum of time for their partner, things are equally bad. While space and time apart from each other is needed, too much is as bad as smothering — both end with someone looking elsewhere.

#4 Not so cute anymore?

You become annoyed at every little thing he does , things that you used to find adorable before. If those little things that were cute have now become intolerable then something is wrong. From chewing his food, to not putting the dishes away properly, maybe even just his breathing can piss you off. You include yourself in all of his activity from boys’ night to batting practice. On the other hand, if your partner is micromanaging you and controlling your every move it’s time to say good-bye as well.

#5 Don’t lost your identity.

It is  good to spend time together and do things, like go out for a movie or to your favorite restaurant. But again there need to be some sort of boundaries, even though you are dating but that does not make you one entity . Within a relationship, there  always are two individuals. You should still hang out with your friends and go out with them. You should not end up spending all of your time together. So if your partner is taking up all of your time and starts resenting the time you spend away from him, you should think again. Because even though you are in love it does not mean that you should lose yourself or your identity.

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And most of all if you are reading this post and you clicked on it when you first saw it, that is your first hint. Why did you click into this post? Is it because you’re thinking about breaking up with your guy?  True love is something you know when you know. And if you’re not sure, it probably means this isn’t the one. So you should walk out and end it as soon as possible. There is no point in hanging in there hoping that thing may get better or change with time, or probably your partner will change. So you should stop giving yourself false hopes and face the truth and finally move on. Yes it is true that break-up pain is bad, it leaves you feeling miserable and sad and hollow but that is just temporary compared to a lifetime of self-sufficient happiness. And you always know that all your friends and family will be there for you in this time and will definitely help you back up. So don’t be in a relationship that is harmful for you because everything aside, you deserve better.

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