Watch your Back: Self Defence Techniques

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Some drastic changes have taken place at the turn of this century. Women are no longer integral units of a household but have been catering their efficiency in workplaces as well. Girls are heading out in flocks and discovering the world which would have been a far-fetched dream for a common girl like you and me not so long ago. We are excellent students, more than excellent parent, efficient working personnel and the list of our attributes is tiresome. I by no means am trying to say that the women species who were here before us knew nothing more than grocery rates and baby care, they were as aware as we are.  But today we have taken our awareness a step ahead and have mustered enough courage to step out (without a chaperon).

We are all by ourselves in the teeming crowd of millions (most part of which consists of the male populace) and our safety is often at stake. Losing yourself in a crowd is a poor defence against the prospective danger lurking around. And danger doesn’t necessarily come in the form of a man (it can be a woman too). In times like these there are certain principles which one should swear by and act promptly and accordingly. “But I don’t have the might to fend off the enemy. Weapons I have none, what do I do in a situation like this”? First things first, DO NOT PANIC. You do not need a gun or a knife to ward off your enemy. All you need is some grey cells and a composed state of mind. You have things at hand which can act as weapons in times like these. Pay attention as you read on-

1. Scarves, duppattas, Sling Bags

When everything fails count on fashion. Fashion staples which are diligently carried by women world over act as a perfect noose. Driver trying to whisk you away? Try this! Quickly fling your bag strap or scarf or something akin to scarf around your enemy’s neck and tighten the makeshift noose moderately (too tight would kill him or her which would an easy way out for your enemy).

2. Safety Pins, Hair Pins, Pens

Not carried by all but would be found discreetly tucked away in some purses. If you do not carry a safety-pin then cram it into your purse right this moment (just a small thing which can even save you from fashion disasters). Take it and prick your enemy to your heart’s content (see to it you don’t maim the fellow. Leave that part to the authorities).

3. Sprays, Deodorants or Hand Sanitizers

Either would do the job. Though carrying a spray would put you across as a prepared individual, but a hand sanitizer would just as well do the job (if your sanitizer has a thick consistency then switch to another one which is runny and can be  easily used to defend yourself). Just squirt a liberal amount of either in your onslaughter’s eyes.

4. Self Defence

This is a must which is often taken lightly by my dear comrades. Somebody once said,”A strong soul needs a strong vessel” and these prudent words applies for all of us who have ventured out there with a goal in mind. You don’t have learn Jackie Chan moves (if you can then that would be great) all you have to keep in mind is SING. Screech….Halt! Did I just say SING, who sings in the times of trouble? Well, you should! For those of you who’ve watched Miss Congeniality, they already know what am I talking of. For the clueless ones, here it is- Solar Plexus, Instep, Nose and Groin. Hit them hard and bring them down. But to do this you must be strong enough. Eat your proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins and exercise (yes, exercise!).

5. Lipstick Stun Gun

You never shied away from splurging on lipsticks by your favourite cosmetic house. Then you shouldn’t be shying away from spending on a mere lipstick stun gun. It looks just like pretty harmless lipsticks which women keep at hand, but would stun your onslaughter by giving them a just about perfect jolt of current (just for a jiff) and effectively immobilizing the crook.

6. Scream your guts out

Nothing is full-proof, so try being as resourceful as you can. You have God given capacity to scream at decibels which no man can match, use it in time like these. Do not be petrified and don’t you dare FREEZE.  Fight and SCREECH, a Good Samaritan would surely approach you in some time.

7. Manicure

There can be moments when you just carry yourself out of your place (sans your bag, scarf and other essential stand-in weapons). In moments like these, you have three things at hand- self defense moves, voice and nails. Grow them long (they look pretty that ways) and gouge and scratch your enemy.

8. Phone

Most of us would forget ourselves but not our phones. And if you are a nomophobiac use it to rightly defend yourself. Feed in emergency numbers and use customized apps designed for the safety of women without forget.

And while there is nothing like comprehensive guide to women’s safety as enemies and their techniques and intentions are heterogeneous and have to be tackled accordingly. Always be prepared to be attacked, always be aware of everything and everyone around you and always be self-sufficient. Be safe and secure!

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