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Malini is 16 years old and she is into prostitution for her family. She had no other choice but to choose prostitution for her family. She was studying in 10th standard, when she got into this business. Her family was very poor and she was taken from a private school and then joined in government school. She had a small brother and he was in 7th standard. Their life was very small but the happiness was very big. The peace that they had within the family was very big. Her father was an Autoriksha driver and her mom was working as a maid in about three houses. Malini would go to school and then accompany her mother to a house and then work there for two hours and then come back home and do her daily home work. Malini’s brother was not allowed to do any work except for his studies because her parents thought that he is a boy and he has to make their family proud by studying well and going for a good job. Malini was the one, who has to do her studies and also her work. The monthly income was not enough for their family because the children were growing and the needs were also growing with them. Malini was a strong girl and could control her emotions for her family.


It was a sunny day and all was going fine. Malini’s dad got up early and left for his work, the two children got ready and left for their school and her mother also went for the morning shift. The day was moving fine and it was almost closing time at the school. A teacher came to Malini’s class and called her out. She was shocked because she was a silent girl and did not do any mischief. She was taken to the office room where her brother was seated. They both murmured to each other about the reason for their calling. They were called into the Principal’s room and were made to sit in the chair. The Principal slowly and calmly told them that Malini’s dad met with an accident and he was admitted in the government hospital. Both the children broke down and they were taken to the hospital by the principal. Malini’s mother was already in the hospital and she was crying, and when she saw her children, she broke down more. The impact of the accident was so hard that Malini’s dad lost his two legs and so he won’t be able to go for work. After 15 days her father was taken back to house. They did not know what to do for their daily bread and their family was in distress. They had to take care of the studies of children, their daily bread and other needs. They were not having enough even when her father was working and now he can’t even walk. Her mother went to two more houses and then took care of the family. She had to go at 10 in the morning and then will come back only at half past eight in the night. One month passed and the family was suffering a lot because they had to buy medicines for her father and also the other needs took a lot of money. They planned to stop Malini from going to school and go with her mother to some house for work. Malini had no voice to go against it. She could not say no when her mother cried and begged her to do so, and the family situation was in such a state.

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She stopped her studies and then started going with her mother. Malini went to four houses and her mother to six houses. They were getting two thousand per house and the total was ten thousand. Malini’s dad alone needed five thousand for his medication and the remaining was not enough for the family. One month passed and Malini was finding it very difficult. Malini went to a politician’s house also. She was telling her difficulties to the politician’s wife, and this went to Ram, the politician. The next day Ram went to malini and told her that she was so beautiful and she could work in another company for better money. She was happy when she heard this and when she asked about the money, he told that she would be paid five thousand to six thousand for a day. She was surprised and that evening she told her mother about this matter. The next day her mother went to Ram’s house with her and then asked him about the job. He then told her that, it was an easy job and if malini agrees to this job, her family will have a better life. Her mom asked him again about the job and she was taken to a room separately and told that Malini has to do prostitution and she will earn five to six thousand per day. Her mother was really irritated and then took her home and warned her not to go to his house. Malini asked her, what Ram had told her, but her mother did not reply anything and kept quiet. On that night, she heard her mom telling her dad about Ram’s offer. She was very sad and depressed. She thought that full night and then the next day morning she went to Ram’s house and told that she was ready for the work. Ram was very glad to hear this and he was her first client. He paid her five thousand and then raped her. She took that five thousand home and gave it to her mother and told her that, being born as a girl, I will help my family this way and I will help my brother complete his graduation. Her mom was shocked a lot and threw that money. But they were in need of that money too. Malini used to go with Ram and then come back with money. After some months it became normal.

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Six years have passed and Malini is being doing the same job but for more money. She says that her family situation made her do this job. There are thousands of girls who sell their body for money and shelter and to help their family. At least Malini had done this with her own decision even after her family members opposed her, but in some families, the parents will sell the children for money or will compel them for prostitution. This is because of poverty. This should be taken away and these girls should be rescued and then sent to a school so that they can learn and go for job in future.

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