Whatever I do wherever I go I am blamed and named… why?

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Women… what happens when this word comes to your mind? An all-rounder, someone who raises the family in a better manner, someone who takes care of the house, someone who cooks healthy food for the house.

Or the other way round someone who is independent, who takes care of her career as well as her house chores properly? Someone can manage everything alone and stand-alone without anyone supports? Well, I know in this generation you will say a women is independent and can do anything and everything on her own… but let me bring some cases in front of you.

Rohini was in love with her colleague. 2 years they had a smooth and deep-in-love relationship. They were also in physical relationship. One day Rohini discovers that she is pregnant and to her surprise, her boyfriend asked her to abort the child. She has no support of her family since the time they got to know about their daughter’s relationship. She was living with her boyfriend. When her boyfriend asked her to abort and disclosed that he is not ready for the marriage she was broken and decided to bring the child in the world on her own and raise her alone.
She took a house on rent and did not take help from her family and so called boyfriend of her, and worked hard for all her expenses on her own. She was looked after her best friend who was her friend since the college days. Finally today she is a single parent. But she gets many hears, taught from the society… she is said to be a slut, thrown out, and the child is said to be not lucky, and so Rohini decided to work more hard and then she shifted to London where no one know her, no one will judge her and even if they she got nothing to do with it. She works in a big company as a manager and is giving her child a proper education with healthy life.

Let me give you one more incident…

Shonali was a beautiful girl and a divorced parent’s single child. She was pampered by her mother who was always in her page 3 parties and busy with the celeb stories. She was a known person. Shonali was good at heart, she never bragged about her money. People used to judge her by her short clothes. Due to her god gifted and of course because  genes of her mother, the beauty that she had got, had made her fall into more of boys as friends and girls less in her friendship list.  But she was a fun living girl. The girls used to love her style, the way she dressed but always bitched about her. She was in the top news of her college list. She never mind what people around her had to say. She lived her life in her own way, and never bothered about the world around. Once, she was taken wrong by boys, which she is a one night stand girl and then had lost many friends because of this and due to this she even lost the guy whom she loved and he was given a wrong idea about Shonali.

I have one more case to share…  Pooja was a teenaged school going small girl, she was sexually assaulted during her school days at her tutions and the news spread like a wildfire. Her parents filed a case against her tution sir, but the people around Pooja gave sympathy in front of her and gossiped about her behind. Ladies used to not send their kids to play with Pooja saying she is a badluck now. People used to say, she must have provoke her sir, or it was a bad stars that worked out. Listening to all this parents was frustrated. Seeing this all Pooja committed suicide.

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Now you must be thinking what am I trying to say by all these incidents? Well! This all names, individuals and the cases is fiction, but the cases here are all true and happening in everyday, in fact every hour in our country.

Women are always blamed and named, if a woman is a single parent, the society look down upon her saying it was her mistake that her husband ran or left her halfway. If a woman wears short clothes she is not from a good family, if a woman is walking with two or many boys she is a slut, if she is fat she is fat and should always be teased and make fun of, if she is thin she is skinny and you accept the fact that she have not eaten anything for ages. If she is obsessed from makeup she is a show off, if she is simply simple she does not know to dress and is a useless.

I mean why? Why just she can be in her own comfort shoes and walk freely in this world? Why every time the blame and name game? Think about it. And stop judging a woman in fact everyone around you by their presence. Just look inside their eyes, their heart and their soul… that’s how a person should be judged. Smile and let the world smile…

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