What’s up Mom!

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It is the era when we have enough to talk about “modernization of mother’s “or even better “Mom’s going global “. Gone are the days when one could spot their mother toiling day in and day out in the kitchen or doing various household chores. Talking about your moms was once a plain topic, uninteresting because everyone thought that they knew what all mothers do is the same. Things are no more identical .The transformation that a traditional image of a “Mother” has undergone is a phenomenal revolution .Mothers today can be called more independent , emotionally stronger , social and outgoing individuals .They are both mom and dad in some cases as well. They have put their best foot forward to try to walk along with our generation, match up to our expectations and doing things coming out of their comfort zones. And all of these without any unexpected returns on their investment.

If you sit back and think, how many times do you remember asking your mother to blow off the candles from her birthday cake and make a wish? Or how many times you have sat with her and watched her favorite movie that was probably shot in the 1800s. I am sure the number is just a handful .When asked for an explanation to this, we start with reasons of being busy with college assignments or outings with friends and so on and so forth .Is it not fearful and trembling to imagine a situation when one day your mother says that she is bored of doing the same old household work or not attend office on random days saying “I have no mood dear “. You can imagine the mess and chaos you would be in then.

Mother is an inseparable part of our lives. She is ready to go miles for our happiness. And this is the sole reason why mothers are called “super moms “. Mothers who are housewives not only manage the house but make sure that her children are at comfort and that she is available at their service 24×7 .It is definitely not an easy task to be the last one to sleep at night and be the first to get up and be on your toes all day long. Mothers who are working have to maintain a balance between their work and home life and the mothers of 21st century have proved themselves.

Mothers have lately created a new identity for themselves. They are juggling between their children, husband, work and activities. They can be spotted engaged in fields that were once meant only for the males. They want to be financially independent too. This explains why most of the mothers have started working from homes and does business related to their field of interest. The emergence of concepts of “Home-office “has its roots from the thought of mothers working from homes. Cooking, baking, painting classes, etc conducted on a weekly or a monthly basis is a platform for mothers to showcase their capabilities and have the experiences of earning at the same time. They have explored great opportunities in businesses involving network marketing like consultants in Tupperware, Oriflame or Amway beauty products. This has made them confident and develop new ideas and bring about changes in any manner possible to the age-old schemes of cooking or likewise. These ideas of mothers working from home have been accepted warmly by the society. It opens avenues to single mothers and provides an edge to those working in terms of increasing knowledge and know-how of trends.

Shifting the focus to the relationship of a mother with her children, it has undergone a gigantic change. Mothers are more like friends to their children now-a-days. They are understanding and like a best mate. Mothers have put an extra effort to remove time from their daily routine and spend quality time with her kids. This has strengthen relationships and a created an unconventional bond. They are an unstoppable support system and a guide as well, teaching valuable lessons of life. They are ready to play a game of monopoly or chess with you and make sure she proves to be a tough competitor. Mothers behave as we expect them to in the company of our friends and in turn becomes their friend too .They try to keep themselves updated with the latest fashion , food or music trends to be able to connect better to you and not be a like a fish out of water in a crowd. And this list continues.

Mothers have changed the outlook about themselves too. Despite playing new roles as a mother in relation to her children or family, they have become conscious about themselves. They are able to fulfill their wishes too. We can see mothers being fitness freaks and spending time exercising or going to the gym. Mothers are able to follow their passion and learn music and dance too. They plan outings and things like “Mother’s day out “and share and exchange views with other ladies as well. All of this refreshes them and they are able to enjoy life according to their will, something which was uncommon a few decades ago.

Thus we see how mothers have comfortably accepted the changing trends and go hand in hand with time. At this point, it becomes necessary to attribute the success of this to the families, children and the husbands. It would be impossible for the mothers to take such a giant step without holding their hands, firm and secure. It is time now for us repay them with constant support, love and spend maximum time possible.

Three cheers to all the beautiful mothers in this world. You all truly justify the saying “God created mother because he knew he could not be there everywhere.”

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