A woman behind the veil.

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Weeping silently my child walked off, she knew there is nothing she can do to change her Abba’s mind, once he has decided something then that is it. A strong believer of Islam he stuck to hadiths (teachings of the prophet) that support female circumcision, however these hadiths are considered ‘weak’ and that draws suspicion if they came from the prophet himself or not, though the Koran does not condemn female circumcision as long as it does not compromise on the health of the female. Islam only requires removing the prepuce of the clitoris, and not the clitoris itself, as it is believed widely. The prophet is reported to have told a female in Medina who circumcised females “When you circumcise, cut plainly and do not cut severely, for it is beauty for the face and desirable for the husband”. There are three beliefs on female circumcision in the Muslims and non“-Muslims, one it is not allowed since it is not mentioned in Koran, two it is allowed but not necessary, and three it is a compulsory process, and since none has enough material in its support none can be true and acceptable to all. Then it all depends on how the individual interprets the information at his display. It is believed to contribute to an improved sex life for women and it (circumcision) lowers the risk of contracting STDs, the circumcision talked about here is the normal one and not the type one, two and three where it is more severe and includes partial or total removal of the clitoris and inner labia, with or without the removal of the outer labia.


My husband leaves for work with a promise to return early for the ceremony, all I could do was helplessly stare in the direction of my daughter and see her reading the verses from the holy book with her head covered and bowed in the direction of the Makkah, preparing her for the ceremony. A Saudi Arabian proverb says, “A girl possesses nothing but a veil and a tomb.” How true it is, in a kingdom like ours where wealth flows freely and luxury is nothing extraordinary we have Mutawwa akka the morals police to punish us if we are not dressed appropriately.  A woman cannot travel alone but with a man who is either her father, brother, husband, father in law, uncle i.e. a Mahram meaning the man who she cannot marry. It is a golden cage, magnificent in shimmering brightness yet blinding. Many people have started realizing what we go through including the males of the family, but freedoms are often or let’s say always confided to the four walls of the house, and off course the female gatherings where talks of women empowerment consumes the conversations.

The more prohibitions you have, the less virtuous people will be. – Tao Te Ching. This quote makes me believe there is very little I can do for my daughter without going against my religion and committing a crime, When reality is no better than a nightmare and freedom a far away dream. Where there is a battle for every breath you take, not literally though! Islam is the religion that promotes peace and brotherhood is often misunderstood and the beliefs of the followers are questioned, I am not demeaning my religion here, for I always turn to it and the god himself for the answers and peace within me. But the fact remains that women are oppressed in the conflicting ideas and various interpretations of the texts.

With a sigh I get to work, there is lot to be done, this ceremony is to be celebrated as Nura will turn into a woman, and she will purify herself by undergoing the circumcision. People will rejoice in our joy as the delicacies will be prepared specially for the occasion, drinks will be served in those pricy crystal glasses, sparkling jewels will adorn ever female body as they put on beautiful clothes underneath their aabayas but on the inside they all will know what the pain is and how another of their kind will be subjugated and with no struggle hope will breathe its last.  I will be smiling throughout it all, what else can a female do who is struggling for her identity in this male dominated society.



“Let the words flow and create a rhythm of its own, breaking the barriers and touching the souls. Let the wounds be healed, creating a new tomorrow for the person who rotted in yesterday. Never did happiness feel so easy, and the world so small.

Spreading the arms wide as the sun kissed soul breathes the beauty of life courses through its veins and vitalizes its being.

Yet a dream, it is all yet a dream longing for a land where hope resides.”


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