The woman: decoded

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We always hear men complaining about the fact that women are so complicated and that it is almost impossible to understand them. They say one thing but want the other, they don’t tell you what is wrong and expect you to just know it. They ask questions with standard answers and if you say something else, they might get upset. Every man’s dream is a book called guide to women, to help him out in such situations. Unfortunately there isn’t a guide on how to deal with women, mostly because each woman is different and has different thinking, ideologies, tastes, desires and emotions. No two women are the same and so the way to deal with them also has to be different.












Women are not that tough to understand or deal with, the only thing to keep in mind is listening and paying attention. If you listen to them very carefully and by very carefully I mean as a whole, look at them when they are talking and notice their expressions and gestures. If you could just get off your phone for one minute and pay attention and listen to them, there would not be any problem. Because more than what we say we communicate by our expressions. Women are not that complicated, just a little mysterious, and who doesn’t like a little mystery!

When God made women, he was very careful because this creation of his was to be his guardian on the earth. He put a little part of him in each one of us. He spent a little extra time on us because we have to sensitive and strong at the same time. We have to take care of everyone and everything around us and ensure that nothing goes wrong. We women are capable of emotions that men have probably not even heard of. Men have the most basic set of emotions, whereas women on the other hand have a very wide range and are capable of experiencing more than one at the same time.

Women are very emotional as compared to men. Be it an injured dog or a Shah Rukh Khan movie, we feel very sad. Be it a broken relationship or a broken nail, it hurts like crazy. We cry when we feel happy and laugh when we are upset. We don’t mind buying an expensive vero moda dress, but bargain like crazy at the fashion street. We are daddy’s little girls but don’t mind travelling in the overcrowded locals.  We cry in movies but can be very strong when required. We might go to the ends of the earth if we want and not to the next room because it seems too far away. We fight for what we believe in and never hesitate to stand up against what is wrong. If we love someone we love them unconditionally with all our heart and love them forever, even if we get nothing in return. Women are sweet, caring, and easily trust people and bear any and everything if they love you, and for all of this you are not supposed to break her trust. Because if you break her trust you break her from the inside and then she will never trust anyone ever again. Women are so fragile.  And think twice before you wrong a woman, because if she decides to get even, you are screwed. As Shakespeare has said “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned” and this is true in every respect.












Women are thought to be weak but if we decide on something, there is nothing we can’t achieve; there is no one and nothing that can stop us. We can beat all odds and come out shining. We women are the backbone of this world. Each one of us, be it housewives, teachers or entrepreneurs are just as important. The saying that “Behind every successful man there is a woman” is very true indeed. Because it is women who inspire the uninspired, cheer up the depressed, love the unloved and motivate the slackers and encourage them to keep going. We women try and help each and everyone around us first and then help ourselves. Someone once said that “Being with a woman can never decrease one’s productivity, but only add to it.”

Women think a lot about everything, so be careful about what you say in front of them, even if you are joking.  They are very strong but need a shoulder to cry on. They won’t say anything if you ask them what is wrong, but their eyes will speak volumes. If they say something they mean it with all their heart and will stick to it. They do a lot for everyone and ask for nothing in return. Be it you mom, sister, wife, girlfriend or just a good friend. And we don’t really want much, just a little love, care and respect and that is enough. We may seem confusing and complicated but all it takes is a little attention to understand them. So hold on to the women in your life and don’t let them leave.


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