A woman an example of an all rounder

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Have you heard that proverb, “If you educate a man, you educate an individual, but if you educate a woman you educate an entire family, or a nation as a whole.”  It is true. The importance of women education was brought by mahatma JyotiRao and Savitri Bai Phule. Mahatma JyotiRao Phule first educated his wife, and then Savitri Bai Phule then happened to fight for the rights of women. It is all because of them that today; we women can stand on our own feet and face the world. It was Savitri Bai who besides working on education sector also worked on the self esteem and building up of confidence in those time when British rulers existed in India. She also joined her husband’s social activities like “UNTOUCHABILITY “. There are many good works of both the great people husband and wife together in bringing a change in our society at those times. Savitri Bai was the first woman teacher of India.


Women have gone through a lot to get their equal status with men, to get their rights since history. Today there are so many of women who are entrepreneurs alone handling their own family, being a single parent or being without married too and some are even married. They manage to balance all the work from their office to household chores to family and employees. How difficult it is for them but they do it on their own. Even being human they tend to sometimes sacrifice or compromise their wish, their dreams for their loved one.

As I am a management student, once our teacher asked a question to give an example of an all rounder. There were some good answers, but I happened to give an example of Mothers who are the real all rounders of every home, my teacher was happy to hear that example. Yes! A mother, a woman is a perfect example of an all rounder. They keep working 24/7 and never complain. Be it a house maker, or a working woman, she is still called as an all rounder. They tend to do all work perfectly and on time.  Now woman, are more aware of things around, they know how, where and when things work and what they exactly need to do. They are independent rather being dependent.

Yes! There are still many crime’s going on against woman all round the world, but that is not stopping them from being an independent and stepping out in the world. Today women are going strong in all spheres of fields, from sports to media, from education sector to politics, from police to army. Oh! Yes though they are not given the same stage or openness to the world. It is sill that men get more openness to the world at a large scale.

If you see an example of movies, it is always that the movie is based on the hero empowerment, leaving some movies like “QUEEN”  “REVOLVER RANI”, “KAHANI”, “DIRTY PICTURE” and few more. So if you see the actress of the Bollywood are a bit anxious about their status. Since then Kangana Ranaut choose her scripts very carefully.  Sometimes a woman’s patience break and then she start fighting and stand for her rights.

I am still hoping someone to stand against rapes, acid attacks, Dowry, sexual harassment at work, and there are more. The injustices to woman are increasing day by day, so much so that now even small girl child are not safe. It is becoming so difficult for woman to step out of house without praying to come back home safely. Everyday there are news and cases going on around India and even around the world.  Some woman, die, some live with the biggest nightmare of their life. Some try to come out, while some keep running away; and you know what society still happens to blame the woman, to get raped, and tends to make her feel down.

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It is not a woman’s fault she needs to come out as a survivor and not a victim. A life can still move on. She can still be the same as she was before. She can still be called as an all rounder of the world. She is a mother, a wife, a daughter, a sister, a friend, a girl friend, she is everything. Without her this world is incomplete. Stop insulting her, stop using her as a toy. Start respecting her. she is a woman, she is a human.

A woman is the pillar
The first pillar of the society
Unless the woman is taught
And trained properly
To be chaste and faithful
There can not be any
Peace and prosperity.

By nature women as a class
are merciless
And cunning
Women can not tolerate
Even a slight offense
For their pleasure
Women can kill their
Own husband and brother.

Women are very easily
Seduced by evil-men
Polluted women give up
Their well-wishers
And establish false
Friendship among fools
Even they seek newer and
Newer friends one after another.


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