The Woman Of The House

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They say when you educate a man, you educate a person but when you educate a woman you educate a family. The India International Trade Fair theme i.e. women entrepreneurs have brought back to light the importance of women in the development of the society.

One just cannot deny the fact that nothing significant has been achieved in the history of mankind without the contribution of women. Be it the freedom struggle which led to country’s independence in 1945 or be it the French revolution. Women have been and continue to be a part of this development process.

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There was a time when women could only contribute by sitting inside their houses and being good mothers, wives and daughters but today they have moved out of those four walls and contribute to the society in every way that a man does.

Why then they are still not given the same respect as a man?

Why women are paid less for the same job?

Why do we still expect a woman to make sacrifices for her home and family?

These are questions that need to be answered. One side will say that god created women to be mothers; he gave them breasts to feed their children, while a man has always been responsible for earning the bread.

Fair enough?

Yes for once it does seem fair enough. Equal responsibilities divided among two individuals who make a home. So why have women stepped out of their houses and entered the so called “man’s world”.

How and why did this idea that women must earn a living originate?

Well, we all know the answer to it. But few choose to give it a thought.

Is it because in an impulsive moment the woman stepped out of her house and realized that she wanted much more than what she has and to be much more than what she is?

No. The correct answer would be when man thought that only his part of the duty is important, when household work became comparable to a maid’s job and husband was God. It was when men did not treat the women in a manner that they deserve to be treated. When the woman was considered incapable of doing the job that the man does, when he considered himself superior to her, she had to prove him wrong…!!!

Today household work is being looked down upon and “housewife” has become a word that girls do not want to associate with. Household work is not even considered as “work”, even when we search for “women working int he house”, we get results related where women are sitting in front of the laptop or talking into a cellphone. You would be surprised that no you would hardly get any results where women are working inside the kitchen. Because the idea that work is something that earns you money has gone a long way to change how housewives are perceived. “The term “man of the house” seems to imply the one who controls the things. Even a woman, who controls the house or in other words earns more than her husband, is called “the man of the house”. Why?

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Because the “man” is suppose to imply to the one who controls all the things. This is the reason we see a woman trying to prove herself, to be everything a man can be but a man never tries to prove he can do everything that a woman does. A man who helps his wife in household work is labeled as “house husband”, which apparently is supposed to be a derogatory term for a man.

The point I’m trying to make is not that women have been mistreated for ages or that they deserve more respect. No, but what I want to state is that the discrimination is less against a woman and more against what she does. The root cause is the mentality, that work within the house is less important than work outside it.

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This not only creates a terrible situation for the women who want to handle the household work but also for those men who want to help their wives in it. This idea can turn around the entire perception about women and gender equality. The day we realize how important are housewives are and the significance of the role they play in the welfare of the family, we would be free. Free of the judgments we make about someone who does the household work. That day both the genders will be free to choose what they want to, a husband will no longer shy away from helping his wife in the kitchen nor will a girl consider her life wasted if she spends it looking after her family and her home.

Because no matter what we say, we do know that no maid can look after your children better than their mothers and no amount of money can substitute a father’s care. So let’s end this fight which we have created for ourselves, which is not only hurting the woman but also the man.

So that tomorrow a woman can proudly say I am the “Woman of the house”……!!!

Because then it would then mean someone who gives meaning to the life of each member of the family, the one who converts groceries into a meal and a house into a home and not simply who sits inside the home and is considered to have no identity of her own.

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That we be the day we would be considered as truly developed, because that day we would have developed for ourselves a worth living in. Because what after all is development if we return back and fight with our loved ones every day, and where we do not have a moment’s peace?

Let us stand up not only for the women but for a family and a better society, a society free of prejudices and for a home that is about love and care. Because no matter how many laurels we achieve in the end we return to our homes, because that is where our heart is. So why not make it a better place?

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