What A Woman Likes?

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Women are Venusites who efficiently make use of their sensory organs. They love the sweet smell of a bouquet, the gooeyiness of sinfully delicious chocolates, to run their fingers on the surface of spanking new something and every other activity which requires the engagement of sensory organs often beckons the women folks. All in all they believe in the ‘feel of things’, unlike their male counterparts who can make do with surface appearances. And thus the sham (sorry, relationship) becomes tumultuous, when one believes in feelings the other is happy with appearances. A woman’s heart can never do without certain elements, so following is an exhaustive list of these so-called-elements which a woman often desires in her man:

1. Sensitiveness

When she says she is nemesis with an office colleague and you laugh it off saying, “girls and their catfights”. When she is trying hard to understand the sport you love and you call her, “stupid” instead. I don’t know what she saw in you in the first place to be a part of your life, but now that she graced your life with her very presence, be sensitive! Don’t be a dunce and treat her like one of your buddies. Women appreciate sensitiveness; those brute brains would take you nowhere.

2. Hearing is caring

“But she is a motor mouth”, stop complaining, a little hearing killed no body! Hear her out and don’t make faces while you are at it.  And if you thought not picking up that phone would help you, then that’s just a poor excuse you are feeding yourself. In time she’ll know and then you’ll know the extent of prowess of that motor mouth!

3. Hygiene

I am completely generalising here. If you fall in the category of squeaky clean then that’s good for you! But if your idea of cleanliness is putting up a shirt which hasn’t experienced detergent and water yet, then you are headed the wrong way. Be clean, even your comrades would enjoy the change in you (and the change of shirt as well). Most women are clean and they like things clean do not portray manners of a 3 year old.

4. Gestures

This is a tricky one here, so I would rather recommend you to dip your toes in this water to see how good or bad would this be for you. Some like little gestures some like it big, that is a task for you to figure what your woman needs. Gestures? Yes, gestures! Pull her a chair, open the door, and do not march ahead leaving her behind, you get the drift, right? But be also prepared to hear retorts like,”I can do it for myself”, “I am no Jane in need of a Tarzan”, if she says this, then leave her to be. She doesn’t want you to turn into a Caveman; she wants you to treat her as her equal (which she is).

5. Friends and Parents zone

They have known her for much longer than you have, they know what makes her smile, her likes, her dislikes, her favourite colour and things which you are yet to decode, treat them nice and they would take you into their folds and tell you everything there is to know about your lady love. As for parents, you would expect her to respect yours, right? Then why can’t you don’t the same?

6. Say the words

The only reason Mills and Boon is hot amongst women flock is because they love to share a love-hate relation with the Adonis like heroes in the books who are petrified of saying ‘THE WORDS’. Words? What words? I LOVE YOU! You can love cars, you can love bikes, you can love dogs, but you cannot love a woman (like you love her, but cannot tell her that?) Shame on your pitiful state!

She loves to hear these words, loves hearing it in your voice, so say it! And do not say it for the sake of saying it or with an ulterior motive, say it because you mean it.

7. No hiding and flaunting

So you are the toad who got lucky? She is pretty, vibrant and your friends envy you, is it? Well, good for you, but know this she isn’t your new car or bike whom you take on a spin every day just to show-off. She is the love of your life, treat her well and do not display her like a piece of trophy. Which doesn’t translate to hide her, she would not like to be treated like your dirty laundry stashed away in your cupboard. Treat her just right.

8. Comment-Compliment

You aren’t a robot, right? Then when she asks you, “How is this?” please deign to reply! She seeks your opinion as she cares for one. She wants to know if you would still love her in that yellow top, if you wouldn’t then subtly try telling her that, instead of switching to your usual grunt mode.

9. Sense of humour

Are you always grumpy? Is life a burden for you? Then do not ruin the eminent others life by associating with her. Take life with a pinch of salt and make smile. We all have it in us, dry sarcasm, raging sarcasm, but do not overdo it, that might embarrass her.

If you are looking for a 10th one then disappointment would laugh at you right in the face. The 10th one is a card which you should keep close to your heart i.e. once you figure it out. Ladies what impresses you the most?

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