A Woman loses her Life for a Man’s Lust

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This is a real life incident where a woman loses her life for a man’s brutal lust…

They have done a grave mistake to that woman who was maintaining her culture and orthodox…

The story begins….

Meena was born to a middle class family. She was their only daughter who was brought up with good culture and behaviour. She was good at her studies and talented in extra-curricular activities also. She was a beautiful girl of her age. She passed her 10th and 12th public examinations with flying colours.

College was the place where she met Ragu. He was a good looking guy born in a rich family. Good natured and respectful to others. Meena and Ragu became friends. As time passed by, they both started liking each other mainly for their good character and started to fall in love mutually. Three years later after finishing their UG, Meena took up the job and Ragu took up his family business. After a year later, Ragu along with his parents came to Meena’s home for their marriage proposal. Meena’s parents too were too delighted on getting their daughter married to a rich man who is respecting the elders.

So marriage works started and within few months the lovers became couples. What a great moment for her to get married to the guy whom she loved very much. Her life with her better half started in a beautiful manner. She was at the top of her happiness. Her mother in law, his sister everyone treated her in the best way. They lived happily without any problems…

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After a year they were blessed with a beautiful baby girl like Meena. Everyone were too happy as she was the first baby in their next generation. So they treated baby girl like a princess.

But we guys forgot one important fact.. Life is not a bed of roses… especially never ever for persons who are with  good character and pure hearted. So the same happened in her life also but it was too miserable as if a test for her character but though she tried to win, she lost her life in the end..

I just did not mention one more main character in this as I like to give introduction separately here. Ragu had a younger brother named Rahul who was doing his engineering in a reputed college. Such a jovial and handsome guy who takes everything in a easy go way. He used to talk well with everyone and since he was the youngest child in his home, he had partiality from the whole family. Meena too will talk in a friendly manner and treated him like her brother as she was the only daughter to her parents. But as days passed there was a change in Rahul’s behaviour towards her. He started talking to her too freely and used to help her with works at home. She did not feel the difference as she felt he is helpful to her. After few days without knowing his conscience, he started to develop a kind of desire for her. He liked her very much that he desired her a lot. It kept on increasing by the day. But poor Meena is unaware of his bad intentions. This incident I am feeling bad to tell you guys but I wish to tell. Once when she was bathing, this lustful guy was seeing her. This happened every day.. this continued for many days without her or anyone else knowledge in the home. Once it went to the extreme that Rahul went straight away and told I like you very much Meena and I desire you to the core. Meena was shocked to the core that her heart almost broke. She never ever thought him in that way as I said earlier, she treated him like her own brother. She told this but he did not lend his ears to her words. Then she calmed down and advised him telling this is bad and I too can understand as this is due to age factor. I will not tell this to your brother but you should change and become as a good man. Sure you will get a beautiful wife but this is not correct of liking brother’s wife as I am alike your mother. He was quite for few days but came back to the same place. That Meena too found out. She was in a state of confusion as she don’t know how to handle it.

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After a week later, all the members of the family went for a function. Meena stayed at home as she wants to take care of that little kid. Rahul purposely stayed to fulfil his desire. He tried to misuse her but she denied. She tried to escape but to her bad luck, he pushed her from the top of balcony and she was dead on the spot. Rahul was arrested for committing murder but as he belongs to the rich family, they were able to bail him out. After a year Ragu got married to another woman and now he is leading a happy life.

In this the most pitiful character is Meena. What she gained for being truthful to her husband? Death?? Is that how a dignified and pure woman will be rewarded by a lustful monster?? Meena just wished to have a brotherly relation with him but she was rewarded in a brutal way for her good deed. Cases like this is happening at somewhere near us.  But we need to act wisely to escape from these kind of monsters.

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