What a Woman Really wants?

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what women want

Woman; when this word comes to your way, what is the first thing that comes to your mind? When asked a small boy, he said a mother, when asked a husband, he said his wife, when asked a brother he said his sister, when asked a boyfriend he said his girlfriend, and so on..

When randomly asked some men to describe a woman, some said an all rounder, some said, constant cribber, some said beauty, some said the gossip monger, some said a shopaholic and  some said a complain box, they even say women have mood swings very  rapidly.

But when asked some women, is this the fact they said yes may be, but what about men? Are they so innocent? We don’t think so. When we are newly wedded couple or new love springs in your life, it is men who will run behind us, who will do anything to get us in their life, show us what we mean to them, show us how much they love and care; they will even spend a lot of money to buy you gifts, flowers chocolates. But as days, months, years pass, they start showing you less love, affection, and care and will give you less attention. Now they got problems with you if you spend a lot of money. Now they have reason to argue and fight with you. And then it goes on. Some manage to take their relationship to the end, while some end it and move on to a new journey.

While if you get married it will be smooth till the honeymoon mode level, later the constant fights will start; over not spending time, giving you excuses for having loads of problems in office with boss, workloads, financial matters, and the mother in law giving too much of taunts to you, and your hubby can’t even take your side, as he is scared of having a emotional backfire from his mother to him too. There it goes all, and still we are expected to be the same throughout, not to complain and crib about our problems? If we find shopping as our way of relaxing and finding some rampant and relishing feeling from, then we are shopaholic, if we share our problems we are always complaining, if we are upset because of our in laws we have mood swings, if we try to have a conversation by talking about stuffs here and there we are gossip mongers the list is never ending

But the question is do we ask for a lot in return what we give? We leave our home, our surname our parents and take their surnames as ours, their home as our home, their parents as our parents, we sacrifice our freedom and take the responsibility and try to adjust in their home and family. We earn and as well as manage to run our house smoothly, we listen to our in laws complaints and taunts still have a respect and love towards them.

What we all need is love, care, attention and little time to spend with us. So that we don’t feel that we are outsider, we need the same respect and dignity what we have at our parent’s home. We want the same love care attention what we used to get during the honeymoon mode, or before marriage. Women love gifts surprises and attention. They love to feel that they are special and loved for what they are. The small good night kiss and the good morning kiss makes them smile, when you come tired home a hug from her can make your day, a small weekend vacation or dinner time with her might make her feel special.

If men cook something special giving women a day off from kitchen work can make her feel so special. A small rose, chocolates ice cream too can make her smile. An evening walk after your work, with the mouth watering gol gappas on your way back, can make her feel that she still have a friend in you. There are many ways to make woman special, it’s not necessary to spend a lot of money, a small step forward can make her feel special. But if it’s a diamond ring, you will be rewarded for that in some good way you like *wink*. If going for a party a compliment will work, but a true compliment. Sometimes if a woman is sharing something with you it’s not necessary she need your advice or sympathy she just need someone to understand and listen to her. No matter who is she, a mother, sister, your girlfriend, wife or daughter all they need is love care and your attention, sometime from you to spend with them, a small appreciation, a small support, a small way to make them feel special can bring smile on their beautiful and adorable face.

It’s not necessary to only make them feel special on weeding anniversary, birthdays, women’s day, mother’s day or daughter’s day. In fact everyday should be special for them. They are special and always will be. I had received a message once, if you want a boy to love you throughout your life, love his heart and not his money, and if you want a girl to love you throughout your life, love her soul and not body, and the mother and  son, father and daughter, sister and brother relationship is something which is beyond words.

Keep smiling and stay beautiful. J

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