What Is It, To Be a Woman?

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She had the power of a hundred men and the mind of none.

She had the mind of a hundred woman and the power of none.

What exactly it is, that a woman cherishes as her proud possession? What is it exactly that she can confidently boss over and consider as her own area of expertise? What is it that a woman believes she derives strength from? What is her source of identity and recognition? What is it after all, to be a woman?

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When you speak of the defenceless victims of rape, the humiliated bodies subjects to physical violence, the mutilated minds out of dilapidated relationships, helpless cries of the those bound by the shackles of trafficking, do you stop there? And by you, I mean to address more women than the males. When you imagine the worst possible scenarios for that poor powerless wife of that tyrant next door, does the thought of a brewing anger and a consequent revolt not cross your mind even once in the remotest of corners of that brain? Do you face hazes and obscurity picturing that moment when she throws off the covers and stands tall, taller than the force controlling and tormenting her? Is there a glitch that you need to overcome to get to such a sketch? Well, you wouldn’t be alone.

To be a woman, is not to stand witness and victim to every storm that comes your way. To be a woman is to walk through it or turn away and run for your life. Let it sink in what is happening to you, but do not let it seep in so deep that its a habit that you can’t get rid of. Allow your brain to do the functioning and let it register. Comprehend and acknowledge the fact that its wrong; that even if this is “just how it is”, it is WRONG. Learn to use those vocals and those hands and those legs. Moving in the direction of the wind can sometimes blow you away. You need to understand that you are a woman. You are a generation, the representative of an entire gender. You are a role model, to your daughter, your younger sister, your brothers and sons. You set morals and examples. You can be the next name forming a legendary history if you choose to be. You can be the lighting torch in a lifetime of darkness if you choose to be. You can be the fuel to the fire, the thunder to the rain, the hammer to the demolish and the nail to the reconstruction. You will have to realize that the world needs you, and the world needs you to be awake. To be a woman is not just to observe and patiently imbibe. To be a woman is to use the power of that heart, the supremacy of that mind. If you can survive 7 days of bleeding a month, nourish a life inside of you for 9 months, rest your feet on a few centimetres of base and still walk, hold your breath in suffocating corsets and still manage that smile on your face, you can achieve more than you have ever imagined for yourself. Build your dreams and work upon them. Unfurl your potential and give the world a chance to offer to you, what it can. To be a woman is to utilize all that you have and obtain all that you possibly can. To be a woman is to be so much more than what your mind constraints you to be, that there exists a conspicuous whole of your life that remains unlived.


What a woman wants and what a woman needs are hardly ever the same. What she wants is your understanding, what she needs is your cooperation. What she will ask for is sympathy, what she would actually be looking for, is your weakness. What she will spell out is your supremacy, what she will fabricate is your demise. Do not push her to the limit that she feels the need to move beyond your comfort zone. Within her biggest deep-seated fears, a woman holds fortitude and solidity. It is simple anatomy. You inject the virus into her and she will develop antibodies to fight the invaders. She builds the immune system with such resilience that her firmness, her strength in character remain untouched and strong enough to attack back when need be. You are a man in the truest sense of the stigmas attached to it. She is aware of the fact that your ego derives its boost because of her, that your idea of sexual pleasure is defined by her, that your source of dominance and hegemony is through a woman. When you vouch so much on her, she naturally yields tremendous power over your identity and existence. You thrive as long as she allows it. The moment she decides against it, is the moment you meet your destiny. What goes around, comes around. Karma, isn’t that what we all call it? Remember that you are but a shadow of your insecurities that you cling onto, knowing that it is she, whose her presence helps you sleep at night. What would you be, if it were not for her feebleness and weak-spiritedness, which she can choose to dispose off anytime she sets her mind to it?

She knows where to derive her morals from and where to object against a subjugation on those terms. She knows the parameters of being a woman. All she needs is a little push to dig into her consciousness and let the unbeatable suppressed take charge.

She had the power of a hundred men and the mind of none.

She had the mind of a hundred woman and the power of none.

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