A Woman’s Purse

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A woman’s purse is one of the most important things in her life. A woman without a purse is like a wanderer lost in a desert. A woman’s purse is a mystery, an unsolved mystery. It is like a woman’s best friend. Women carry lots of things in their handbags, from hand sanitizer to safety pins and much more. Women bags come in all ranges of shapes, sizes, and in varying degrees of clutter. Well, some have no clutter at all and if that doesn’t make you suspicious of them-then nothing will. Women pack all sorts of trash in their purses or pocketbooks. This clutter also depends on what stage in life the female is in as to what she carries with her. The contents of a woman’s purse changes based on what stage of life is she in. And not just the contents but also the kind of purse she uses also varies.

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A woman’s handbag has a lot of essential things.  Things that she needs to use during the day and some of the other stuff too. If you take a peek inside a woman’s hang bags you might find a lot of things. Every woman carries different items in her purse but there are some things they all have in common. You will always find a little mirror inside it along with some cosmetics like lip gloss, kajal, eye liner. Woman always carry health products also like sanitizer, women’s hygiene products, wet wipes and other stuff she needs. And if she is going out into the sun, she might have a sunscreen and goggle to protect her from the sun. Also some little little things like a hairpins, clips, clutters. She may also carry some accessories around with her like earrings or bangles to match her outfit. She might also carry a notebook and a pen for when it gets handy. All of these are thinsg that are essential to women and every woman needs these things through out the day. Not just the the contents, shapes, size and style of a woman’s purse keeps changing with her age.

A young girl in her teens prefers to carry a small purse with a shoulder strap. It has more to do with style than for the actual use of a purse. If you peek inside you might find a change purse, a brush, and some cosmetics like kajal or lip gloss or some wet wipes. Also sometimes you may also find the house key inside-no car keys for she isn’t old enough for that yet. In some time bits of important papers begin to reside inside. It could be a note from a friend who was leaving or something that holds sentimental values.

By the time she grows old enough to have her own keys to the family car, the purse has grown larger to accommodate even more “necessary” items for life. The change purse she used once has now been replaced by a wallet that holds not only money but photos of her friends, relatives and loved ones. But you will not find any credit cards or checkbook yet, but it won’t be long. With time more cosmetics are added to the purse.

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After she gets married and becomes a mom her purse size drastically increases and so do the contents. A purse which was initially used for styling has now become a necessity.  The purse is now filled with her baby stuff like diapers and powders, creams, lotions, baby food etc. And this become more of a bag with baby things in it rather than her personal handbag. After the kids become a little older this big baby bag is replaced with another handbag, which is smaller than the baby bag but is still big enough. And not this doesn’t remain her private bag anymore, it is full of little things of her kids too. If you look into this bag you might find pencils and erasers lying around with some of the other important papers, the amount of cosmetics has definitely decreased and that space has been taken up by her kids stuff. There even might be a pack of biscuits for her kids along with the car keys and the house keys, a wallet with a lot of credit cards and a check book lying around. That little bag with the strap is now long gone.

And as the kids become older the size of the bag starts becoming smaller again and the bag which had once become the bag of her entire house is now back to being her personal bag again. It has now become classier than before. This now starts carrying her own personal stuff again and rather than being filled with combs and gloss has many more important things in there.

From a little girl to a teenage girl to a middle aged woman and an old woman you will see all of them carrying a purse. It is like a part of themselves. Something that carries that all is important to them. A woman without a handbag is lost.

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