What Women College Are Not.

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Joining a women’s college is a big decision, especially for someone from a co-ed school. Being from a co-ed school I had many myths about women’s colleges which came out to be baseless after I joined college. When I joined college I believed that it would never be fun enough with girls all around. I thought everyone would be sitting in a corner, discussing nail paints or acting like a snob. I was depressed about the fact that my college life will be a boring series of days that would never pass. But, today I miss my college so much that I would love to relive those years. Women from women’s colleges are out spoken and hardly care about what a man thinks. Their thoughts grow out without an outside controlling force which asks them to think about the ‘superior’ gender. We change our own car tires, fight for ourselves and walk the walk of life without the need for support.

Here are a few myths busted about women’s colleges:

1. There is a crowd of men waiting at the college gate.
When I entered college I was actually expecting a certain amount of ‘male’ crowd outside the college gate but to my dismay, if I may say so, this point turned out to be a myth. We are free to walk around the college grounds, enter or leave college when we want without any creepy guy stalking us. Also, there is a police van stationed outside the college grounds to avoid any mishaps.

2. We do not have male friends.

We study in a women’s college but that doesn’t mean we do not live in the same world as you do. We have old school friends, neighbors and friends from other colleges and these are both men and women. Many of us have boyfriends and hang out with guys on weekends. Women’s college doesn’t confine your friend circle. It is like any normal college but with added benefits of ‘no morons’. In fact women of women’s colleges are more confident while talking to men and are less nervous as compared to the co-ed educated women.


3. We are not prepared for the outside world.

People tend to believe that women’s college makes us unaware of the realities of the outside world and hence this hinders our success rate. But, statistically speaking, women’s college students are highly skilled and proficient in their work and tend to be highly successful. We are taught baseball, basketball, computer science, mechanics, literature, medical and robotics without being considered the ‘weaker sex’ and hence we are as capable as men.

4. We are only concerned about women issues and are anti-men.

There might be many of us who fight for women rights or do not like men but there are as many of them in a women’s college as are in a co-ed institution. Many of us at times go against women for men rights and many are not even concerned with any of these issues. We all have different opinions and point of views like students of any other college.

5. We only talk about everyday household chores and marriage.

There might be women who prefer talking about sewing, marriage and kids but I do not think they are concentrated to women’s colleges. We talk about politics, economics and sports. We spend our free time reading, playing sports or eating. We do not gossip about marriages rather we hardly talk about such things. We talk about ghosts as well as the new smart phone in the market.

6. We can wear anything in the campus, be it a pajama or short skimpy dress.

We might have the liberty to wear what ever we please without being stared at but that does not mean that one can walk into the college in night gown or super short dresses. It is a college, not our house. We all wear very normal clothes and try to look good. Though, we have the freedom to not apply makeup and experiment with hair and cosmetics which we would not have done in a co-ed.

7. We can help guys find their soul mates.

Yes, it is a women’s college but that does not mean that we can help you in hooking up with someone. If your female friends study in a women’s college that hardly makes you any luckier than you were before they joined college.

8. We are quite, obedient and clean.

Women too can be very noisy, unclean and rule breakers like any guy. Our washroom walls and classroom seats are scribbled with as much nonsense as any other college. We too have back benchers who are a nightmare for their teachers and bathe in the glory of punishments. We too have the ‘Fred’ and ‘George’ versions in our classrooms.

9. We have the clichéd women categories: Mean girls, nerds and side kicks

All my college life I never saw any of these categories. The movie mean girls, hardly applies to women colleges. Everyone talks to everyone and there are no fixed seats for any category of women. We might not love each other but some of us become friends for life while many stay in contact with each other even after college. There are women from different backgrounds but no, there are no clichéd categories such as shown in the movies.


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