Women Entrepreneurs: Precedents of Sheer Audacity

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Whenever we talk of status of women empowerment in India, immediately it comprehend illiteracy, discrimination and exploitation by default. Thankfully, there is another reality has been steadily emerging, particularly in the last couple of decades and that’s about women entrepreneur in the role of business leaders, look back for say 20 years and observe the steep rise in the number of successful women entrepreneurs in India.

There are number of factors which are responsible for such a rapid growth of women entrepreneurs in our country, the first is change in the family structure; from joint family to nuclear family, in such family system they perceives themselves as a significant partner for providing financial security to the family, because there are less number of people to be actually taken care of, they possess enough time to contribute towards their profession like her partner and therefore they become important players in the family businesses . Another factor is of course the increasing literacy and exposure among the better half of the society, it motivates them to move ahead and take up leadership challenges in the field of business.

Although the journey to become a successful business woman is still filled with many challenges, for instance there are number of discontinuities, disruptions in the life of a woman, business need commitment, and managing the commitment between life transitions like marriage, children, taking care of the olds, they all pose serious threats to women entrepreneurs.
There are several important factors which are responsible for both growth and inhibition of women entrepreneurs in the country; these are the questions which a woman asks herself before starting a new business:

(1)    It take mettle to start a new occupation, most of the dexterous, discerning , educated and enthusiastic women are either already wedded or working in some big MNC with a 6 digits carton  in hand , what is the need of risking it all and jump into something which doesn’t even have a surety of whether it will work or not, what is the point of speculating your weekends in something which doesn’t even allow proper interlude, every day will be a working day and every moment will be a decisive one, why make life so complicated when you know you are earning enough to sustain your needs then what’s the need of all this. Am I really ready for this?

(2)    Second question arises, even if its work, what about the transition phase of life? How I will be able to devote time to my family? How will I manage my children? What about my own personal life, all this business pressure will not let me fulfill any of my dreams, my life will be a mess, thereafter, It seems after all I have to leave the business, pioneered by my very own hands to someone unascertained, someone who have nothing to do with this business, if my fate is already decided, there is no need of trying.

(3)    How many successful women entrepreneurs are out there? Ok, we all know about ladies who began as freelancers but do not need any introduction today; Indira Nooyi, Naina lal Kidwai, Kiran Majumdar, etc. are some prominent one. But this figure is nothing in front of male counterparts, they are an exceptions and exceptions are always there, not everyone is lucky like them. Thousands of people have tried and they all failed, it’s not as easy as it seems.

(4)    What about the people who still that women can’t run a business, how will I tackle such employees who will keep raising questions on my leadership qualities, do I really have guts enough to handle them all? Will they support me?  What if my family didn’t support me? What will I say to them? What explanation will I offer them for investing such huge amount of money? Will they trust me?

(5)    Who will fund me, to setup a new business, a massive sum of money is required, I am a woman, people will doubt me and how will I convince my fundraisers?


These are some obvious questions which a woman asks herself before starting her journey, unfortunately, most of them are never be able to get over with these and reject the idea of becoming a business woman.

Courage is Mandatory, if u didn’t summoned your valor you can’t do anything, just like every profession, this also require courage, a little more though. Money is not everything, so if you are thinking not to quit your because of a six digit figure, look inside and ask yourself- Is this what you want? Are you not worth fulfilling your dreams? What is stopping you from achieving one of the biggest goal of your life, A job? Is it really good enough to sacrifice all your vision? If for a slightest moment you feel like I am right, think of it then, and think until you get to know what you actually want. Every women have to undergo some predestined phases, don’t be afraid of them, one day, everyone will praise you and your partner will be one of them, for what you have achieved by yourself!

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