All Women are Equally Beautiful and Special

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Women, an all rounder, a person who venture everything that comes in her way, she is retiring, flamboyant, and adorable. She is someone who will never give up.She is the princess of her mom dad and queen of her husband. A best friend for her siblings and mischievous for her friends. She is superwomen for her kids and the world’s best grandma for her grandchildren. When she is born she is known to be the laxmi in Hindu culture and a princess in Muslim culture.

But what about the vicious world? Who treats her like a toy? Rapes, acid attacks, harassment, dowry, no right to educate just because she is a girl? When will the world understand that she is something that had equal right as man and have to be treated with dignity and respect? She is always looked down upon. Why? Why always women have to go through the sacrifices and compromises?

But there are some women who are big entrepreneurs, have achieved their dreams and aspirations, there are who are doing great job in their field of work. Women who are also leading the nation. Women who are balancing their families and work easily. Teacher doctor, politicians, business women, infact that are women who are rickshaw drivers, who even are able to run trains, who are in army, some are doing police job and the list goes on

Today women are walking with men and not behind them. There are women, who are also doing jobs or small business from their home. But why is women always tagged? You must have come across those forwards or mails in you inbox which says how women are tagged?

It goes like this, if a woman wears short clothes and moves out of the house late at night and hangs around with boys so she is a slut, if she wears clothes completely covering her she is not having sense of fashion. If a woman is wearing salwar kameez she is a behenji. If women are overweight she is fat and if she is thin, she is hot and sexy. If she is works she is too bold, if she is not working she is not cool. If a woman is fair she is beauty or else she is ugly duckling. If she drinks and smokes, she is a bitch and if she does not, she is not cool.

The tag list goes on. But why are women tagged? Why can’t she just be what and however she wants to be? Every parent have the fear of having their daughters name getting spoilt in the society, people want gossip in this society, and so there are many boundaries made for a woman.

Every woman is beautiful irrespective of colour, height shape and size. It is not necessary that every woman should be perfect, she should be perfect from within, and that is from heart and soul. Every woman has the right to be looked up upon with respect without being tagged.

Still a woman never complains, she does it with a smile and whole heartedly for her closed ones and family. The home where is born and brought up, then they are the one who prepare her to wave them goodbye and to settle in a new home and family. While leaving she leaves her parents in tears and memories with them.

A woman is in many forms, a mother, a wife, a daughter, a grand mom, and a mother in law, a sister, a best friend, but in every form she is a woman for herself. Sometimes she desires something to do, but compromise it for the sake of her family, for children, for siblings, friends, and husband. They say behind every successful man there is a woman, but what behind every successful woman? It is she herself. Her hard work, her faith in herself, her ability to do what she wants to. It is she who can fight for her right alone.

When she walks down the road, she can walk without fear of being watched for lust, when she talks no one is there to judge her, she is just putting forward her point of views. She is special, make her feel special, stop the injustice against her and treat her well. Make this world a safe place to live in for ever woman around the world.

There is a poem I found so inspiring and touching from a site. Do read it and spread it. J


She gave life. She is a wife.
She is a mother and she is a friend.
She is a sister a survivor to the end.

Appreciate her, we don’t dare.
Ask her worries, we don’t care.
Wipe away her tears, they are invisible as air.

She works cooks and clean.
She laughs, helps comfort, and hides her pain.
When you struggle she pulls you through

All this is she and what do we do?
Complain and create a mess.
Provide stress and leave her feeling depressed..
Push her away and ignore her advice.
Tell her she is nothing without thinking twice.

She was raped tortured and abused.
Told she was nothing and would always be used just for pleasure forget her pain.

She swallows her pride, put her feelings aside.
Does as you need in order for you to be free.
Ignores your ignorance and tolerates your flaws.
You call her Bitch, Slut, Hoe and Tramp
She answers with pride dignity and a complete loss of self.
You call her nothing.
I call her Strong, Smart, Sensual, Caring, Giving, Surviving, Tolerant and powerful
I call her WOMAN!

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