We Women, LOVE Men Who can Cook!

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menwhocook2 Yes I for one, simply love the whole idea of a man cooking for me. Not only do I find it extremely attractive, but I also think it is highly commendable for a man to willingly step inside a kitchen, which is usually considered “the woman’s zone”. Being an Indian, I am part of a culture where it is the duty of a woman to look after the house, the children and especially the kitchen. Since childhood, I have heard my mother joke about the saying that “the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach”. And I am sure most wives agree to that! When I was a child, I could not understand why in my grandparents’ house, the women used to serve the food and wait for their husbands to finish, only then would they sit to eat. I had always wanted to eat with all my aunts and uncles, and my grandparents, together as one big, loud family. But as I grew up, I realised that this was our Indian culture. Not only that, when I used to sit with my uncles, I used to get really bored, because they used to talk about sports, stocks, banks, and politics. And when I would shift over, to the conversation my aunts were having, I used to get bored again, because they used to talk about what to prepare for the next meal, or by how much the price of which vegetable had gone up! So I kind of grew up thinking that the kitchen was actually meant only for women, and no man would ever enter that one room, except when he wanted another cup of tea! Although my nuclear family is very different, I still somehow felt that this was something which would continue in our culture, no matter how modern we became. Because although my mum’s a working woman, she ultimately has to come back home, and enter the kitchen to prepare the meal. But as I grew up, our society grew too. And lo and behold! Not only did men start entering the kitchen, they started doing so frequently, and with more zeal and fervour than us ladies could ever imagine! Although most ladies I know love to cook, but only occasionally. And that is so because more often than not, it is their duty. And who likes doing what they are ‘supposed to do’? But for men, it is a hobby.. something they do not “have” to do (at least in most cases) but something they “choose” to do. And as for those men who make it their profession, it is again a ‘choice’ not a compulsion’. But even in the Western countries, this prejudice has been prevalent since times immemorial that a woman should look after the kitchen. Aeschylus said in 467 BC , “A woman’s place is in the kitchen.” And this was echoed and repeated in Don Quixote by Miguel de Cervantes. In the 70s, Irish singer, and song-writer, Gilbert O’ Sullivan sang “I am all for a woman..who can make it on her own. But I believe.. a woman’s place is in the home!” menwhocook4 Surprisingly enough though, the male to female chef ratio,is startling. Almost in every country worldwide we see that the fairer sex has no control or dominance over the professional Kitchens. Even in all the ‘Reality shows’ such as Masterchef (India, Australia, Uk, America) we see that women have won very few times, as compared to men. So now that men have taken over the professional kitchens, I think it is time they took over the household kitchen as well. The whole thought of coming home, after a hard day at work, and being greeted with a hot, delicious, home-made meal, and a glass of wine with sangria and pineapple slices… Mmmm! I would marry the man who would do all this for me! menwhocook3 As I mentioned earlier, I find men who cook (well), to be very attractive. And why not? It shows that they are independent, and do not have to depend on anyone for small things like fixing a snack. Men who can cook, are also very creative, because in most cases they stumble upon the art of cooking, and are not really “taught” by mothers and grandmothers, as girls are taught. So they mix and match their spices, look up interesting recipes online, and experiment with ingredients, to produce beautiful results. And the greatest benefit is that men are big foodies. They usually do not have as many issues with their weight as us women have, and so they enjoy eating various kinds of dishes, and if they enjoy cooking, then they cook those dishes as well. So meals cooked by men are usually different (and I mean that as a compliment). Something which I have observed over the years, and maybe it is part-assumption, but I guess men love to cook non-veg. My male friends who cook, and my friends’ fathers who can cook, usually love making dishes like ‘biryani’, ‘steak’ and various chicken and mutton preparations. Since they love their alcohol, they enjoy cooking with it too, and so indeed their food is different and amazing. So, I repeat, I LOVE men who can cook, and enjoy cooking. In fact, to be honest, I want a man who can cook. Considering the lousy cook I am, this will be the silver lining in the cloud of my life. And on special occasions, and I know I speak for most women out there, if the man of our dreams prepares a finger-licking meal for us, that would be better than the gifts we usually receive. menwhocook1 So to every man, reading this article, this is a secret weapon you can use to impress the woman of your dreams. Cook up a storm inside your kitchen, and see the change in your love-life. And great presentation can fetch you brownie points too!

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