Do Women need Men to Objectify them ?

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Do women really need men to objectify them ? This question that I put up is a slap on the face of false feminism and false womanhood. This question can actually be taken as a harsh statement or a comment clearly made on all those women who claim to be feminists not only by changing the whole meaning of the idea but also by twisting it to their own convenience and suitability. Feminism as per the proper definition is a collective movement and ideologies which share a common stated aim to define, establish and defend equal political, economic, cultural and social rights for women. This includes seeking to establish equal opportunities for women in education and employment.

Now, does this definition from anywhere mean that feminism mean subversion of male sex ? Does it convey it is totally alright to scare the men out of their wits in the name of feminism and blame them for every wrong happening to a woman ? Does it convey women over men ? Clearly, No. The word feminism and the sensitivity of the idea cannot be changed according to oneself. We don’t need feminism only because a few men women and deprive them off their rights but also because women suppress women too. Lets be honest for once and question ourselves women, Is is just men who categorize and objectify women ? Sadly, no. In fact a lot of women objectify other women- out of complexity or just for fun but they do it and then very boldly these are the very women who call themselves feminists just because they scare or beat a guy up for doing the same thing. Really now? It’s time we question our intentions and morals for there is a great need to understand this whole idea. Clearly women are taking it the wrong way.


We all objectify others but the difference comes as to where do we have to draw the line. The difference arises with awareness, that are we doing things in all fun or are we taking it to a whole new level of demeaning the other person’s character, objectifying them to an extent where it does not even seem reasonable. Is it really just one sex objectifying the other ? We all know the answer, then why do we only have to put men at the butt of the falsity of this cause. We have men who are feminists as well, men who want women to rise above their present situation for the betterment and to the best of their capabilities, but what these men definitely do not want is women to rise up only to suppress these men later and blame them for male chauvinism. Feminism doesn’t come just by the fact that you’re a woman, it comes by the awareness of the same and clarity of the cause you are fighting for. Forget men, there are a lot of women out there who are not clear about what feminism is and what are we actually striving to achieve.Blaming men does not make you a feminist, it only makes you a female chauvinist.

We are not here despising the other sex, but for a collective movement towards the betterment of the condition of women in our society. We are not here to judge men just because a few of them judge women, demean them and objectify them. We are definitely not here for revenge. The blame is not supposed to be on men but on people who cannot support equality among the two sexes and on women who take advantage of their wrong idea of feminism.

There is no denying that a lot of women suppress other women, objectify them just the way we blame men do it, take advantage of other women only to rise above them. There are women fighting women, slamming and judging each other, putting each other down and then blaming men for anti-feminism and preaching their wrong idea about the same. Is this the idea we intend to raise ? No, for neither men nor women are here to support a partial and a chauvinistic idea of feminism. We are not here to create parallelism of false ideas. Equality is what we are fighting to achieve not superiority. We often question that why do many men despise feminism, why don’t they really raise their voice- honestly, maybe it’s because they have started fearing this idea. Who would want to support this idea when it is all about women thrashing men and women expecting men to thrash other men as well for nothing. We need to understand that it’s not the battle between the sexes, generalizing it is men who do not support this idea and it is not only men who lead to it’s failure because they don’t want it is completely wrong.

The whole falsity of this idea by a lot of women and bluntly expressing this wrong idea is what is making men condemn feminism and leading to an aversion. Why would they support it if it will only be based on the hypocrisy of women supporting it only by going against men when they themselves stand wrong. Neither all men are wrong nor all women are right. One of the major reasons of this whole idea going in vain is that women slam women- instead of supporting each other they strive to put each other down. Implying the correctness of this idea only on few and not on all, why ? because according to them they may not deserve it. Why wouldn’t objectification of women by other women become a butt of joke then? why wouldn’t it become much more easier for a few men to objectify women then ?

We are not striving to create female chauvinism over male chauvinism. We are striving to achieve feminism in all the positive light both by men and women.

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