Women NGOs

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NGOs are non government organizations that work for the welfare and betterment of the society. They may or may not work alongside the government. Most of the NGOs work without the support of the government. A non-governmental organization (NGO) is any non-profit, voluntary citizens’ group which is organized on a local, national or international level. It is a group of people who have a common cause and they form an organization to work together. These NGOs work in various fields and help women in various aspects. There are NGOs working for women empowerment, helping women form Self Help Groups, education of women, NGOs working for women’s rights and many more causes. Here are a list of some of the most popular and active NGOs working for women.

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Care Foundation

In India CARE focuses on the empowerment of women and girls because they are disproportionately affected by poverty and discrimination; and suffer abuse and violations in the realization of their rights, entitlements and access and control over resources. Also experience shows that, when equipped with the proper resources, women have the power to help whole families and entire communities overcome poverty, marginalization and social injustice.



Smile foundation

Swabhiman, an initiative of Smile Foundation, aims to bring pride and dignity for our girl. Swabhiman, meaning self-respect, is a programme designed to enable women to realize their full potential in every sphere, be it home, office or community. This programme helps in enhancing the skills and information relevant to make them realize their self-esteem. Again, Swabhiman is not anti-men, but it encourages women to defend themselves and escape from violence and advocates men to be a part of bringing due dignity for our girl child.




Working for gender equity and women’s rights has been one of SAPNA’s major commitments. This option holistically addresses the issue of violence against women. It was realized that a fresh intervention strategy within the Criminal Justice System was needed to be addressed collectively. Violence against women both in the public and the domestic sphere is on the increase and most women get very little or no redressal to their problems on reaching a police station. It was felt that in the absence of any specialized training of the police or civil society institutions to handle the psychological and social needs of the victims, the women seeking assistance were further victimized. Cases of violence against women (VAW) not only need multiple interventions but a shift in approach, to give the women the right to make an informed choice when subjected to violence.




Deepalaya strongly believes that women should have equal socio-economic, cultural and political opportunities as men. With this ideology in mind, a successful attempt was made to achieve a 50:50 ratio for both genders at all our formal schools.

While doing research, it was discovered that gender discrimination was rampant in Mewat, a district of Haryana. Not only were the women in the region uneducated and unemployed, but were also given no say in the decision making processes that included them and their family.

To combat this increasingly alarming issue, Deepalaya partnered with the Mewar Dev Agency in 1999 to start a comprehensive programme on Self Help Groups. The programme began with five villages and three groups consisting of 48 members. Through sheer diligence and determination, the project has now expanded to cover more than 1,000 groups with a total of 11,879 women in all 84 villages of the Tavru Block.



Namaste Life

Women safety is a growing concern across India is well known.  The immediate reaction, especially among young urban women is to enroll in some self-defense classes.

  • Namaste Life recognizes that women safety is a deep rooted problem that requires a comprehensive solution and plan.
    This means that first off, women must consider safety a way of life and take it into consideration in all walks of life – at home, in public, in work places, elevators, restrooms, travelling and even shopping!!!
  • Second, women must feel empowered and have a sense of self esteem and importance.  Women must understand and accept their importance and power – socially, financially and even legally. Third, women must learn basic self defense techniques, use of technology (cell phones) and basic deterrent behavior for their personal safety.
  • Lastly, women should be attuned to body language – their own and others.  Subtle deterrents such as attitude. Namaste Life has created specialized workshops (Master Trainings) as well as Trainings for women to approach safety and empowerment for women in a holistic, practical and impactful way.

Namaste Life is conducting master training workshops for Women Police Constables across Gujarat for women police constables.  They would then be able to conduct short programs in the communities to spread safety and awareness in their areas Work with us to instill the power of “devis” (Goddesses) that we revere so much within each and every woman.

These are just a few NGOs who work avidly. There are many more NGOs working for the welfare of women in our society. We all should also join in with some of them and work for the betterment of women a better future and a better society.

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