Women In Past And Now!!!

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Women is an embodiment of love and care…. A woman can achieve anything if she wishes to do it.. though she may not be physically as strong as men, women’s mental strength is surprising when compared to men that’s the reason why a woman takes time before taking a decision. But once a decision is taken, she sticks to it and abide by it whatever be the situation…


In olden days women are ill- treated by the male chauvinistic people who consider women as their servants…

Hitler has said

women are child bearing machines….

That’s true it was the situation of women in those days where they are to abide by whatever men says…  so they were not given the equal rights…

Women are prone to many problems and ill behaviours like sati which means when the husband of the women has been deceased, the wife either willingly or unwillingly hath to sacrifice her life by burning in pure fire. Next is child marriage in which the girl children get married at a very early age without their knowledge… most of the women at that time used to die mainly because of dowry torture  which shows they are just treated as things and not as humans… and cruelly treated the goddess of the land….

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Things started to change when great reformers like Raja ram mohan roi, Mahatma Gandhi etc  who threw light on the fact that women are equally talented and they have to be given rights as men have. Not only them great women like Rani Lakshmi bai, Anne beseant etc stood as a icon for women who showcased the importance of women and their capabilities… we have all known the great epic Mahabarath in which Draupathi  the wife of pandavas who is the symbol of bravery, kindness, beauty etc revealed the potentials of a woman in a beautiful and valiant manner…..

There is a saying


A woman does not live for herself… from her birth she obeys her parents words and acts as per their wish even though she is not fine with it just to see a small smile in their face… later when she got married, she considers her husband’s family as her family and fills the home with pure love and affection… later she takes care of her children with utmost care and love…. A baby’s character is built only by their mother… a mother plays a vital role in each and everyone’s life from the beginning till the end… in those times women were brought up as ignorant telling why should a women needs to know all these??

A women is the reason for the future ignorant women… that is a mother who has been brought up without knowing anything will teach her children the same and it goes on….


But things have changed… woman now are not like before sitting only in kitchen and being ignorant. They have proved that they are equally talented and possess high potentials similar and even more than the male. Woman now have become bold and started to show their interests in various fields like business, sports, at work and especially in education. Great achievers like Kalpana chawla who is the first Indo-American astronaut who brought glory to the two nations… , Sunitha Williams etc and  several developments have taken place in these few years with women’s participation in all domains… it is very surprising that woman show good interest in politics also .. the best example is current tamil nadu’s chief minister Jaya lalithaa and former president of India Is Pratheebha Devi singh Patel… who is honoured to be the first woman president of our country….

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So woman has lead their paths in all walks of life… though there are many changes by the day…. Do you guys really think woman has got the equal rights as of men????? It is still a question mark only….

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Mahatma Gandhi who is the father of our nation has once said the real freedom is when women has the freedom to walk out at 9 pm and return home safely…. And only on that day India has got the true freedom….

We must have smartness to tackle any situations and at any time… we have the potential… the only factor which is to be considered is to stay cool and act wisely

Im really proud to be a woman as women has contributed to many welfares both to the nation as well as to their families…. And I wish I will do my part well and honour the sacred women.

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