Women pedagogy in India

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Education for women is one of the issues which is unsolved even now. Women in India face a lot of hurdles, when it comes to education. This is the reason why the literacy level of women is a mere 54% when compared to that of the men’s 74%. A country cannot develop, when half of its population is not educated. Traditionally, women were supposed to take care of the family after getting married at a small age. She was considered as a machine to give birth to children. At those times, a family considered a minimum of 10 members. So, within the time she gives birth to the last child, she would become weak. Now-a-days, all those traditions have gone and women are bravely coming out of the house and are seeking the education necessary for their job. Illiteracy is the main obstacle in women empowerment in India. Girls in India face a lot of problems, when it comes to going to school.


Girls in the village have to walk a long way to reach their school. They are often victims of eve teasing and harassment on their way to school. These poor girls don’t have the freedom to complain these vulgar activities to their parents because the parents would blame them and they would be banned from going to school rather than prosecuting the offenders.  It does not end here, she will be forced to marry by 16 or 17. So, these girls have to tolerate all these stuff for the sake of education. Parents do this because, they are afraid that their daughter would be sexually assaulted by someone, and also to safeguard their honour. India was upgraded to middle earning country by the World bank just four years ago. The rights to education act states that every child from 6 to 14 years of age, should be given free and compulsory education. Another hurdle is the quality of education. When the child is allowed to go to school and seek education, the condition of the schools and the quality of the teachers is poor. This will also make the parents decide against their daughter from going to school, thinking that, it would not benefit their child. When the child is not educated, she will not be able to go to work, this will certainly result in early marriages.

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In 2008, out of the school drop-out, 62% were girl children, who make up two-third of the illiterate population aged between 17 and 25. Most of these girls were from the tribal groups. These girls are supported by the government by building up many low budget schools, but the situation of the child, makes them stay away from schools. The regular news on violence against girls in the newspaper and the TV channel makes the parents coming from the village to ban their child from going to school. They are scared that their child’s virginity would be taken away. The Government has given so many rights to women and one among them is the right to education. It is their wish, but the situation in India is worse and so the parents of the child think that their child will not be secure if she is sent to school.

Women empowerment can be achieved by seeking education. Only better education can raise them along side with men. Education will give them a role and standard in the society. Traditionally, women were treated as a second grade product in humans. She is expected to keep house and take care of her husband and her children. This dependence will make her lose confidence and will put her on the back foot, when it come on education. Financial difficulty is another problem that is preventing women from education. Dowry is the reason for financial problem. The Parents of the girl child are reluctant to send their daughters to school because they will have to pay her school fees, college fees and then marry her to a man. He has to give dowry for her marriage too. After going to her husband’s house, she is going to keep the family. So the need for education is null. But, now women have started proving them wrong. They were able to do this only because of education.


Here are some of the tips to women education,

  1. The government and the NGO’s should change the negative views of the parents towards women’s education.
  2. Gender discrimination at any stage of a women’s life should be considered as an offence and stern action should be taken on the offender.
  3. Women should not be treated as an unpaid labour of the house. She should be encouraged to earn for her family like the man of the family. She should not be pressurized to take care of the family, even men should give their hand in taking care of the house and children.
  4. Proper awareness should be given to the women on their rights to education.
  5. The Institutions should be brought up in the rural areas, where women are not allowed to go to cities to seek higher education.
  6. Separate colleges and universities should be set up exclusively for women.
  7. Women should be made to seek enough education so that they would be hired by a company.
  8. She should be able to educate herself without any disturbances.

These are some of the basic needs that should be implemented. These points are to the rural areas, where the parents are strict enough to ban their girl child from going to school or college. In the modern era, girls and women have started coming out boldly and are smarter than men. They are hungry for education, which is the key for women empowerment. Women are the backbone of the nation. We should allow women gain knowledge and improve the status of the country..

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