What do women really want?

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A question asked by plenty, but a proper is answer given by none. Women are very complex creatures. Every day, a secret is revealed. Every day, a mystery is solved. You will never know enough of her. She will never fail to surprise you. She surprises herself many a times! Doing things she thought she could never do. Solving this puzzle would not be such a bad idea, would it? Because that is exactly what I aim to do for now!

Behind this face lies a thousand fears which remain unexpressed

Behind this face lies a thousand fears which remain unexpressed.









Though confident, she still needs assurance: A woman can just be like a coconut sometimes; hard from the outside, but soft from the inside. It might seem that she is confident before heading off with something which is important for her, she might even say so, but a woman always needs someone to back her up, to be her confidant and to ask her not to worry, because she will do great. Every woman is fighting her own battle in order to prove her worth and attain dignity. She has this fear of failure and its outcome playing with her confidence, every time. A little last-minute support has the ability to make her perform even better!

She needs security: No woman gives her time and energy to a man for free. She might show that she can take relationships slow and steady, but in the back of her head, she has analyzed how it would be to spend her entire life with the man she is in a relationship. Starting from marriage to growing old, she has it all figured out. She needs to know what turn the relationship is going to take in the future. She needs a commitment more than she needs sex. The idea of having “fun” is pretty rare in her head. She would rather have “fun” with the guy who is committed to her. She may not express it in the fear of portraying herself as insecure and needy, but inside, she needs security.

She wants to be appreciated: Every woman craves for appreciation, even though she knows that she is good at whatever she does. Appreciations keep her moving forward. It fills her with zeal, motivating her to work for the better. She needs to be reminded of what she is capable of (she tends to forget). If this lacks, she gets affected to the level that she would want to quit. She would feel unnoticed, even though that is not the case!

Appreciation boosts her up!

Appreciation boosts her up!








She craves for attention: Okay, now this is a point every person should remember. A woman can do the silliest of things when it comes to grabbing someone’s attention. From discussing about intellectual topics to acting completely dumb, she does it all! She pretends to be affected by things she is not. But why? Just for a little attention sake. Sounds ridiculous, right? But this is exactly how it is! Women are the biggest attention seekers in this world!

She needs to be accepted: Fat women, skinny women, tall women, short women, fair women, dark women, every woman has insecurities regarding herself. No matter how she looks, there is always something lacking, she feels. All women are complaining regarding their appearances. There is an all time debate going on inside her head regarding herself. Do not even dare make it worse by making her more conscious regarding her imperfections. You may point them out to make her work on them, but never make fun of her. To a certain point it breaks her self esteem.

She will always want a fairytale: No matter how many hardships a woman faces in her life, the fantasy of a having a fairytale will never leave. She would always dream of having a knight coming to her rescue, fighting off all odds and taking her to a magical land far far away. It’s every woman’s dream. If you ever make fun of her because of her beliefs, you may just lose your chance!

Read it. Follow it!

Read it. Follow it!








She prefers moments rather than materials: An expensive gift will never make a woman happy if you do not give her time. Emotional conversations, intimate moments, expressions of love and care count much more than anything else for her. She would choose to go for a long walk at night instead of a dinner at some fancy restaurant. It is very easy to please a woman and to make her happy. Start thinking about simple little things rather than wasting your time and money on temporary things. She needs meaning, that’s all.

If you try to see from my eyes, it is not that tough to understand a woman. She might be cranky at times, might be indecisive, might also sound needy, but she is amazing, is she not? It wouldn’t have been fun if she would have been predictable. Men would not have had those funny conversations they have with friends where the ridicule women and their ways. Life would have been such monotony. They make lives miserable, with or without.

She needs to know that she is a choice, not an option.

She needs to know that she is a choice, not an option.

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