Women and Rights.

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imagesGenerally we say that women are god’s creation. She is the symbol of love, care  , respect and gentleness but from the previous years we came to know that women’s rights were not respected. They were considered inferior to men in every aspect. Even though people had such a thinking that women are only machines to give birth. Rights of women were not respectable but after so many protests and fights they are   considered a part of society but not fully. In the earlier time they had to face terrible problems like child marriage, sati system and many more as people were old fashioned and narrow minded.

They imposed a lot of restrictions on them. Desires of women were unfulfilled and if they argued then they were subjected to ill-treatment. They were mainly seen as homemakers and wont allowed to see the outside world. Restrictions were imposed on every part whether it was education, jobs, marriages etc. Women had almost no rights at all. The bondage of reproduction has left women unproductive and dependent on men for food, shelter and protection while men are supposed to do the productive work in order to serve his family.

Women have long being fighting for their rights in every sphere of society. They were not allowed to vote, and were not given custody of their children if the couple had a divorce agreement. Women did not have any property rights and once she was married, she was no longer allowed to own any land or property. They were considered a product of sold and purchase. Female infanticide has existed for thousands of years. It is selective murder. As soon as the baby is born, if it is a girl, she is either buried alive or drowned.  Even though if a family is well educated they do have such thinking . Gender equality should be vanished.

Dowry is another  very common problem which is being faced by the girls family , particularly in India. Groom’s family demands bulk of things from the bride’s family which may include car, jewellery, money and many more and it is the bride’s family who has to suffer , even if the girl is not rich enough to fulfil the demands they had to agree otherwise they can be humiliated in the society. Rape has also become a major issue to worry about . More than half of the rape cases go unreported. It it the men who commit such a crime but women are blamed for that and the criminal is free to move. It is the system of government which has to be improved to cure such problems. Women are not even paid equally to men. A men labourer is paid more to that of women.

Discrimination between men and women occur in every aspect. We know that India is a male dominant country so women are considered least important .Even though modernisation is increasing day by day still there are many areas in India where the conditions are devastating. Though women have progressed in every sector but are still subjected to humiliation in society. They are still denied their basic rights to education, freedom and face violence and abuse. There are many schemes which help women in every way such as ICDS ( integrated child development schemes), Rajiv Gandhi national crèche scheme for the children of working mothers. Despite these schemes India needs to improve the conditions of women.

We can conclude that a large number of women are devoid of their choices  their dreams remain unfulfilled  they don’t have their rights to speak nationally  and globally. A lot of suicide cases are seen when girls are not allowed to marry of their own choice rather she has to obey her family orders if she is not married soon her family thinks she is a burden on them a women’s life is very complicated one  even when she gets married she has to leave her  father’s house and then begins her second half part of her life. Instead of seeing their pain they are the ones who are cursed. Even if she gives birth to a girl she has to face all the criticism by his family as well as society 

A woman should be given her dignity and freedom she wants. Women contribute to the health and productivity of the families. We  generally believe that men should be  educated because he has to do all the productive work but a women is source to his children ,a literate women can help them being education because mother-children relationship is much bonded  as compared to that of father. Children spend  most of their time with mother  so gender equality is very important

But in india women has always been a second grade citizen in order to  make india a better country there’s need to be a change in mindset of the people of the country

Not only the women themselves but the men have to wake to a world that is moving to equality. We have a long way to go but we will get their someday. we shall overcome.

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