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Draped in that silk, she walks with a perfect smile on her lips. The world wonders in awe as she walks elegantly on the carpeted floor, wishing they could have been in her place. Yes we are talking about women who spent their evenings at glamour parties, have the pleasure to dine in the finest restaurants, wear the finest stilettos and dress themselves with finest clothes.

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People think life comes easy to them. They think that that these women have to just attend parties, spent their day shopping at the most expensive showrooms, and enjoy what their husbands work for so hard day and night. Yet, seldom do people see the ugly truth beneath that shining veil. They hardly realize the hardships these women have to face.

Behind that perfect smile lies a plethora of sorrows and swollen eyes, so cleverly hidden by make-up. These women have to suffer a lot of physical and mental torture to be where they are. Experts say that more number of women in these aristocratic societies find themselves to be the victim of physical abuse these days. These societies are not as happy as they appear to be. We have come across instances when women of even the richest households have raised their voice against the injustice done to them. These women are an inspiration to the ones who sit back in silence and bear the agony.


People believe that domestic violence is limited to families with low literacy rate or low income. They never give it thought that the women may hide a body bruised and battered by constant beatings behind that extravagance. They are so dazzled by the sparkle, that women in that silk remains unseen, her tears outshined by power of their riches.

Statistics may not reveal the truth always, because these women suffer in silence rather than speak out against their rich and famous husbands. They are lesser known because they are lesser expressed. Woman who express their anguish do so at the cost of their name and status.


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The reasons, why the women, with all the services at their disposal, continue to bear this brutality, are many. The most common one observed is that the women, who have been a housewife for so many years, may have a tough time finding employment for themselves. Therefore in dearth of any other option they choose to stay.

Others tolerate it in the name of family’s reputation. In most of the cases the woman has very less or no control over finances in the house.  Many bear the torment to escape the social embarrassment that it may lead to.


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Money can’t buy happiness and women who have been there and done that know it. To keep all your emotions locked up in a trunk and then throw away the key is not the solution. Neither will these emotions stay inside for long; they will torment you and haunt you forever.

Women must rise above the pressure, speak out and fight for what you truly deserve. Looking out of the window of your seven floor mansion and thinking what could have been would not help. Only you can take the action. Just believe in yourself and move out of a relationship. Be the bold and strong woman that you are.

What good is money when the dresses you buy are just to hide your bruises, or those Gucci shades to cover your swollen eyes? Ask yourself the question “Is it really worth it?”


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Well marriage is a long journey. Nobody is perfect. It may happen that things do not move the way we want them to. It is you who has to decide when it’s time to move on. When a relation takes away more than it gives us, it is time to question the woman in the mirror.

When you have tried every possible way to understand and mend the things you must realize that a relation has two people. You cannot stay in a relationship all alone.

The first thing you need to do is to share your problem with somebody, may it be a close friend or an expert counsellor. Keeping it all inside only escalates the problem to a much higher level. It may feel a bit awkward at first but it is necessary.

If you are lucky enough you may find a solution to your problems. In cases when you cannot find a solution and want to walk out, the last you must do is stay for the sake of economic reasons. There are enough laws that support women in such cases. Consult an attorney. Know what your rights are. Internet is not the right place to get advice. An expert opinion is always better than the bits and pieces of information you gather from unreliable sources.

Life is not a fairytale and it can never be it is cruel, but it goes on. You have to choose what path you want to take or how you want to live your life.


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