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The times when women were too shy to discuss sex over tea or to dance to the rhythm of songs, that depict women with all her sexuality and glamour, are gone. Today women have accepted their sexuality more than ever. They no longer want to be their fathers’ son they want to prove that daughters are better than sons.

They do not shy away from holding hands, rather have fantasies of being kissed, right in the middle of a busy street, by their lover.They do not ask the government to protect them from those criminals, but rather they ask the perpetrators to be hanged to death. They do not shy away from reporting if their husbands are torturing them physically or even mentally. They know their rights.

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This change, this revolution among the women of the 21st century is worthy of acknowledgement. Even though, with reports concerning that more than 80 percent of men prefer working wives, we know there is large a part of society which believes that women should not have come this way.

My question to them is why not?

Why do we still find a select few political parties banning teenagers from celebrating Valentine’s Day?

Why would women remain inside the house and wait for their husbands to return?

Women have discovered the power they posses, and its changing the entire world.  Even the house wife, who was confined within the four walls of the house till yesterday, is no longer the same. She has learned to stand up for what she wants and what she deserves.

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Women are full of vitality and dynamism at this moment. We can find them making a difference in every corner of the world. It is the time to act and to put this energy to use, to bring up issues, which affect women all across the globe, back on the table for discussion. And this time women cannot be done away with, with false promises and superficial policies. Women today are smarter and they know what they really want. They are no longer afraid to take the first step in this man’s world.

We often discuss about great ladies such as Mary Kom and Audrey, it is true that not everyone can become like them but one thing we know for sure is that.what it is the achievements of these great women that have inspired the ordinary women. The effect has reverberated all across the globe and is now creeping in to even smaller places.

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The day when women in even those small cities will no longer tolerate any injustice, is not far away. Women have learned to be independent and to support other women at the same time. We have several Self-Help-Groups where women work together and provide for themselves.

We have women writing about women. Women have come out on a larger platform to share and to find solution to, their problems. They are no longer known by the name of their husbands or fathers, they have made their own identity. Now the world must accept this changing woman. Or they should rater welcome the change. This would not only save the women spend making the world understand what they really are but also lead to a better future that we all seek.

Women have been discouraged in several ways. We have men who quit their job because they do not want to work under a woman boss. These have only created problems int he workplace for women, with lesser women being promoted to senior positions. At the same time we have women who are the CEO’s.

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The point here is not that every women may become a CEO, but there are men working under women. This makes me wonder how many jobs will these men quit and for how long will they keep doing that? The time when we would see such stereotypes coming to an end is not far.

The interesting thing here is that women do not pursue to change their inherent nature, rather she is confident to be herself. She does not deny from accepting that she loves to spend her day shopping. She rather expects the man to accept her as she is. She does not change herself in order to fit into the mold that the world has created for her, she would rather be the unconventional lady, who does things her way and fight for it at the same time.

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With this new found freedom women are sure to go a long way from where they are now. Women empowerment will be easier to achieve this time because this time women have decided to break the shackles of bondage and raise their voices, for each other. And this time they do have some part of the world o their side too…!!!


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