Women’s Challenge in India

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We are hearing a lot of news about women and girls now a days, but these news’s are not news’s which we would like to hear, while these are news’s which shows how women are treated in India. The worst in this lot is Rape, which are increasing now days. There is a great improvement in women’s attitude when compared to the Ancient times, where they were only supposed to live inside four walls. Women in India are finding it very difficult to be safe, when they go to schools or colleges and even at work.  India is the Fourth most dangerous countries for Women to live; here they become victim for some great cruelty such as Child marriage, dowry killing, rape, acid throwing, and forcing young girls into prostitution.

In the ancient times, women got all her freedom such as education, right to choose her husband, participate in all the activities that is taking place in their country. All this were taking place around the 10th century.

Then came the main challenge for the women, they were starting to feel the heat. They were steadily and slowly being introduced into the demonic activities, which took away all the freedom they had during the ancient period. When India found many religions and many castes, it also found many ways to torture women and girls, by introducing many illegal practices. Some of the historic practices were, SATI; it was practised long ago. In Sati, when the husband dies, the widow will have to give her life in her husband’s funeral pyre. Although this practice was not out of compulsion, and was a voluntary act from the widow’s part, it is forbidden in the current age. The next is Jauhar, where the wife’s and the daughters of the defeated warriors, in order to avoid the consequences to be faced from the enemies, will voluntarily immolate them. Purdah is a practice which is prevailing even now in many countries, the women has to cover them so as to conceal their skin and from the males. It is prevailing more in the Islamic religion. This practice will restrict the women to freely interact with others and is a symbol of subordination of women. Devadas is practiced in south India, where a woman is married to a temple; this practice was outlawed in 1988.

Only after the British started ruling the country, all these practices were washed away, and a change was brought to the society. This was one in many changes the British had introduced.

In this era, women are facing much more problems than they faced during the ancient times. During the ancient times, they at least sacrificed their lives for their husband and for the nation. They did that for Honour and pride and all those practices were not of compulsion, all that were voluntarily done. But now a days, women are compelled and are being used by men very badly. They are hurt a lot mentally and physically. All the ancient practices have gone and new torturing have come into action; one among them is the RAPE. Girls and women are not safe to go alone in India, and it is described as a National Problem. In India Rape cases have double between 1990 and 2010. The National Crime Records Bureau’s reports shows that there are 24,206 rape cases registered in 2011, although the number of unreported rape cases is more than the reported cases.

Men that hurt Women. 2

Another threat to women is the Acid Attack, this is used as a revenge on the girl who do not accept the man’s proposal, or the divorce. This is the easiest way to destroy a women’s life. The number of Acid attack is increasing a lot.

Dowry; In India asking for Dowry and giving Dowry is considered as a crime. In 1961, The Dowry Prohibition act was passed. Dowry has killed a lot of women in the late 1980’s. A report in the year 1997 showed that, In India about 5000 women die because of Dowry, and this is termed as Dowry Death.

In India, Gender Discrimination is a major factor and here the ration between male and female is not equal.The number of male is much greater than the number of female and this is because of the killing of female children even before they have reached their adulthood. Ultrasound scanning is a major leap, which helps the mother and the family members to know the sex of the baby, and because of this when the families get to know about the female baby in the mother’s womb, they tend to abort the baby and try again later for a male child. This is also the reason for ratio to vary. Female Infanticide is being continued in some rural areas; the female child is being hated or not allowed to come to this world is because of dowry tradition.


Eve teasing is also increasing in India, and the reason for this is influence of the western culture. Indecent Representation of Women Act was passed in 1987, which prohibits the indecent representation of women in writing, painting, and advertisements or in any manner.

Why is this happening in India? Is the question to be answered by all the men, because they are the reason for all the causes. This is not fair at all, women in India are the most Stressed ones in the world and the count is 87%, while in America it is only 53%. We are not allowing Women to live happily. What are we doing to our Women?


Women alone can change this situation; women should not lose their self confidence or think that they are without power. Women are the ones who work very sincerely, in a work place if your boss does not value you ability or is paying you less, then quit the job because talented people and much wanted. Education is the key for all the doors in women’s life, she has to educate herself, and improve in all the fields, so next time if her husband tells her that she is not a good wife, or a mother or a daughter-in-law, she can readily react without any second thought in mind. Don’t ever compare you with another girl, there can be many who have secured more marks than you, you have to be competitive with them, but not in real life. Don’t ever stress yourself, whatever is the reason.


So keeping all this factors in mind, women got to find a way to improve the country and yourself. You are not ranked two in the society; you also have all the right that a man has. So put your hands up and strive for yourself and for the country. Always have a happy and smiling face, because that would give a positive energy to the environment.

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