Why Women’s Issues Are Really an Issue

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Women all over the world face a lot of problems. They are raped, harassed, abused and assaulted by men. They are ill-treated a lot by the mankind. Women have their own rights and freedom, but the community they live in is not allowing them to enjoy the full freedom that our democracy is providing them. Safety for women has been a big concern for the government and the innocent people who fight for women. Even there are lots of organizations for women and to safeguard their rights. Our government is implementing lots of laws to protect women and to give them the best environment to live in, but the man just finds out the loophole in those laws and makes it favourable to him. Traditionally, women were treated as a machine who could give birth and that is why a lot of older women will have about 6 to 7 children. They were considered to stay at home and take care of the family. Overall, a woman was a servant who could give man the basic pleasure he wants and keep the house without any salary. But, now-a-days, women have come up a long way and are marking a place for themselves in the society. They are making use of the rights that is given to them by the government and educating themselves. We see a lot of protest for woman and their living rights. When it comes to the fact of women’s rights and issues, we do not worry a little, do we? Are the women and men given the equal rights? Is the gender gap a myth? Are women enjoying the equal rights? The prominent answer would be ‘no’.

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The reason behind the negative answers are that own women are not able to relish the basic right they posses. There is lots of reason about why the women’s rights and their freedoms are just a myth. But, there are some valid reasons why women should posses their right and live equally with the men in the world. Gender equality is being continued in many places and it has been the root cause of a women’s downfall. Gender equality is prevailing in all most all fields and it is not allowing women to survive. Here are some of the valid points which make sure that women should be given equal rights as that of men.

A woman earns about 78 cents for every one dollar that a man earns. This count is from the recent reports. Just think how women-kind has come up. Traditionally, women were told to stay at home and look after the children. But, now women are coming out bravely and competing equally with men in every field. So, women have the capability to earn for the family, but it is mankind who is under-estimating them.

When looking into the political field, may be the number of women politicians are less in number, but the impact that women have created in the political field is huge. Women leaders like Sonia Gandhi, Indira Gandhi, Mamata Banerjee, Sushma Swaraj, Sheila Dikshit, Mayawati and many more leaders who have not only been a part of the political family, but also have marked a place for them. Sonia Gandhi has been the president of congress for more than 10 years. She has lead congress into victory many times and the most impressive part is that, she is basically not an Indian. When we talk about Indira Gandhi, she was the bravest Prime Minister who carried out the Operation blue star and saved India from the terrorists. This does not stop here, every woman has the capability to lead India and that to in an efficient way, but, we are not allowing them to do so because, men think that women are only capable to keep the house. Women are the backbone of the nation and if the backbone of a nation is weak, the entire country will fall down.

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Women’s rights and safety are the basic thing that a woman wants because one out of every four women is raped and one out of every six women is sexually assaulted. We all hear about the news on women, rape and also sees these kinds of news almost every day. But, have we ever reacted towards these acts. Our people are only worried about their families, but they don’t realize that this situation can come to their daughter, sister or even their wives. There is no law in the U.S constitution that promises women the equal right with men. There were lots of efforts to implement these kinds of laws but in vain. The US even refused to support the International bill of Rights for women, which was signed by almost every country. Just look at the importance that is given to women and her rights. This is one of the reasons why women’s issues should be taken seriously.

When we look into education, gender discrimination is being the main cause of girls’ education. In many rural areas, only boys are sent to school and girls are made to sit at home and learn cooking and stitching clothes. Even if girls are allowed to go to school, the maximum their parents allow them to learn is till their higher secondary. After that the girl is married and sent to some others house. Although 48% of the law school candidates are women, only 22% of federal-level are women. Where are the women going? Women are not going anywhere, but, they are not allowed to reach their goal and before that they are married and sent to some body’s house. Women should be educated, only then they will be able to face the world with courage.

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Even in jobs, women are paid less than men. Only if the women are in a higher post, she will be given respect and money. Here too gender discrimination prevails. Only one career that is speech pathology pays women and men the same. It’s not better at the higher grade officials. Even the America’s top female CEO’s earn only about 33 cents for every dollar that a man earns. This gender gap should be taken away completely and women, regardless of the position, should be paid as that of men. This is also one of the main problems that are preventing women from attaining empowerment.


The above were some of the points that states why women’s issues and her security should be strengthened. She should be given the same rights as that of man and allowed to grow a long way in her life. Respect women and her rights.

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