What if the World Ends Tomorrow?

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Did this line ever cross your mind? No?  How will it cross? We are so busy in this materialistic world, that we have no time to think or even see what we are missing the most. We have made our life so elusive and so complicated that we become blind to the peace making things in life.

You see that technology have taken its place in our life. We have become its servants. In urban cities, everything is done by internet and laptops. I see people being lazy. Everything is ordered from the online shopping sites. In fact even vegetables and fruits.  There is no physical movement at all.  Everything is just done on a click.

It’s the summer vacation; children wait eagerly for this moment. But if you see, now children are more into the video games, Ipads, and social networking. It has taken so many places in children’s life that they are getting lazy sitting on the couch. It is affecting their health and mind. Their body is not being as strong as it should be. Their body and mind both are being lazy.

In fact, because of the increase in use of technology, we don’t spend time with our family, friends, and relatives. It’s like everyone is connected with whatsapp and face book. All the information  is spread through whatsapp and facebook. There is no family time. When we are at home we are more busy with phones. Laptops and the idiot box, the TV.

If the world ends tomorrow, what are the things that we will miss? The things may be our  secret wish list.  Our desire to do something that we are longing to do from a very long time. We want to share our desire with someone, or express how they mean to us? Or tell someone that we love them and do not have the guts to say?

How we have became slave to the technology so much, that we are missing to spend some real time with our closed one’s. if the world ends tomorrow? How are we going to utilize the day today?

By meeting someone whom you did not meet? Or by going to the office as a regular day? By spending time with your loved one’s or by running behind money and decadence?

By buying something that you were dying to buy for a long time? By gifting something to someone who you loved the most?  By going on a bike ride or by climbing mountains? By having a good meal with family or by proposing someone? By counting the things went wrong in your life and sitting and regretting or by relishing the moments of happiness in your life.

There is so much to do in our life that will bring our heart and soul at peace. But what we do is rely on tomorrow. People run behind money and materialistic things that is just the subjective part of our life. It may give us satisfaction but not peace and inner soul happiness.

What give is happiness is the time we spend with our loved ones.  The good we do to our family elder, that give us blessings in return. The care love affection that we show our loved ones that bring us peace and happiness to our soul.

In this rampant of technology we forget that we are humans and not robots. We make the technology, but we are their slaves. We take every day, and our life for granted. We don’t make our life worth living it. We have so much of workloads, we take so much of stress and tensions that are not only affect our health and mind, but also don’t give us the inner peace that is important for a healthy living life.

No the world is not ending tomorrow. This was just to make you realize how humans are being slaves of the technology, and not loving how they should. In olden days, people used to be at peace. They used to talk on dinner table rather than watching TV, lost in phones. They used to have a great family time, than everyone being in their own rooms and busy with phones and laptops. People used to meet their friends on Sundays with dinner and have a gala time.

There were times when even an evening walk was so heart melting. And now everyone is so busy, that children also are accompanied with their ayahs than their parents. Live, love, smile, give good and ignore bad. Are some rules that I always try to make myself remember. Forgive and forget are the rules that everyone should follow.

Spend some good time with your spouse parents kids and friends. Who knows when who will leave you forever? When we hear that one of our friend died due to some reason it touch our hearts, as we had no time to even call them once.

As we grow up we forget to remember and cherish our old times and sit with our closed one to bring them back in our memories. Laugh at them and make fun of each other together. Rather than smiling alone there on the couch remembering the old time, plan a reunion with your friends, plan a dinner at your place for relatives. Plan an outing with your kids. Plan a date for your spouse.

There is so much to enjoy. Live every moment. Think that everyday is the last day t live. Be happy and spread happiness.’

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