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We have been constantly talking about the two sexes-their wars ,their problems,their choices and everything we could possibly talk about,but the one side that we have been ignoring ever since is the third side of this societal coin.

Their is a male,there is a female and then there is the third segment,the avoided one-transgender.We know who they are and what they are,their existence is not a news to us but we really do not initiate to talk about them or even to them.They are treated as some  kind of a ‘taboo’ to our society.

Their biological being is one thing that neither they nor anyone else can do something about but their lives and environment is built up with their and our choices.One thing that needs to be cleared is that gay and transgender is not the same,gay is sexual choice and transgender a biological scenario(even though that no longer stays true as people shamelessly fake transgender in order to earn money).

In India they are widely known as ‘hijras’ and are segregated in their own communities,since their birth they are separated from the whole society and their lives and lifestyle is somewhat per-determined.Whenever I say or hear the word hijra there is just one thing that strikes my mind,there dance and claps and appearance. The.The only one’s I have encountered are in weddings or during any auspicious occasions. There.There job or profession is limited to this and brothels.majority of hijras are part of either of the two things and only a few deviate from the setup. Well why is there such a setup for them?Well according to our mythology they are considered to be holy and close to the God,so there presence at auspicious events is good luck.It is said that they have a link with God and that their word is quite true(as in God listens to them).

I would not like to challenge the mythological belief,it’s accuracy is not my concern but what concerns me is the usage rather manipulation of it.They have made a business out of this belief-a  zero investment and  a no risk business.Their sheer existence is the reason that they should be paid.


The sudden thought of talking about them was because of the recent scenario i witnessed.At a wedding when they were denied of the amount of money they asked for(INR 51,000),hey started abusing the family members,and with words that were beyond understanding,extremely bad one’s.And after the failure of their bad-mouthing one of them took off his pants at the wedding in public.He stood there like that for ten long minutes.After the social embarrassment the family faced and for the sake of keeping their respect they had to pay the asked amount.

I personally was shocked at this,this was something that left me speechless.Like dons and thugs scare you by saying they have connection with someone powerful,they threaten by the name of God because they supposedly have great connections with him.The hosts were not in the position to pay,and even if they were,they were definitely not in the mood to pay the demanded amount .And why should they?

They have a different body,but that gives them no right too exploit their so called strength and threaten people with it.Why would someone give their hard earned money to someone for no purpose other than their biological structure.I know what they go through at multiple levels is not correct,the way the society treats,rather neglects them is not appropriate, but what they do is not justified either.Their actions,their choices actually is the reason for the awkwardness that one feels in their presence.I personally am scared of them,because of the incidents i have witnessed-their loud reactions,their abusive language and the un-explainable incident just mentioned.If they themselves figure out a boundary for themselves then society cannot  be blamed for it.It is a two way thing.

Just for singing and dancing for five minutes why should they be paid such a huge amount?Well some people would like to do this for their beliefs and there is no wrong in it until  and unless they are okay with it,but forcefully getting the money and adopting such low tactics is shameful.

For anyone who has seen a hijra,they are ultra glamouress and gold-flooded people,with even more gold than the bride yet they ask for money like it was theirs and they had lent it to them.Just to please their audience they do vulgar things that are hard to explain..Some of them are not even actually transgender,they are guys dressed up as girls who wish to make money,and as previously told,the business they run is highly they join the venture.

there is not just a bad shade to them,some are really generous people,who tend to change trends,fight society and walk on the less trotted path but the multiple events that i have witnessed leaves me focusing on the darker side.


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  • Titas Bose

    Hi, thank you for bringing to our notice, an issue that is taboo and not to be spoken of openly in our society. You have condemned transsexuals for harassing people for money. Are you aware that up until very very recently, the transsexuals were barred by THE CONSTITUTION OF INDIA to get any kind of professional work? They were never recognized legally as equal human beings. Now even after legal sanction, has society stopped ostracizing them? Has anybody made any attempt to accept them into the mainstream? In such a vicious, cruel society where their every day is a nightmare, don’t you think it is natural the they retaliate? Suppose you find a transsexual who is not a “hijra”- a middle class, sophisticated transsexual. Society still treats them like shit- I know people who use the word “hijra” as an abuse. Would you blame anyone for building a boundary around themselves for years and years of torture?