Because you’re a girl

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A number of times in her life time a girl gets to hear that she is a girl, being reminded in fact. It’s just that the phrase changes to ” You’re a woman” with age. But why are we being reminded of our sex that often ? Why are we given ultimatums regarding our sex? Yes you’re a girl but the society doesn’t let you be proud of it and live in solace. The society, the patriarchal society to be specific enjoys reminding us of our sex- in a way telling us that we need to be in our limits.

Girls mature or grow up faster than guys and from the very start anything that a girl is denied is because she is a girl. It is because she is a girl/woman that she is denied many things throughout her life, the same things girls/women fight for today and the same things guys/men get much easily than us. But how is our sex supposed to decide or act as a basis to things which we can do or cannot do or which we can have or cannot have ? Who decides that ?

Because you’re a girl you cannot go out late at night, because you’re a girl you cannot drink, because you’re a girl you are not supposed to study much and get married early, because you’re a girl you cannot hang out with guys and since you’re a girl you definitely don’t drive well. These are just a very few examples out of all the things girls are denied or questioned about just because she’s a girl. One’s sex cannot define their capabilities and abilities, no one can judge their freedom and caliber. The excuse our society makes by pointing out the already obvious sexual difference makes the position of women in our society even more weak.This kind of attitude only restricts a woman’s freedom and makes it even more difficult to survive in this society. People have started using this phrase at their own discretion, hampering her freedom and giving her a nonsense reason for it only brings out the ” hypocrisy” of our society. It shows that our society view women/girls as submissive and weaker section of the society.

Yes she is a girl but is that supposed to be used as an excuse to confine her ? No.She’s a girl and she is supposed to have all the rights and privileges as a guy has. I she’s weak its not because of her sex but because of her own fears in life, if she cannot drive properly its not because she’s a girl but because she just cannot, if she’s too emotional or she over thinks its not because she’s a girl its because that’s her nature. One cannot speak from a woman’s point of view because every woman is not the same.

because you're girl

She cannot go out in night to party because she’s a girl and its not safe, she cannot hang around with her guy friends because she’s a girl and she’ll be considered characterless if she does that, because its not traditional enough and it doesn’t suit her. But has anyone ever aid that to a guy or a man that he is not supposed to do thing because he is a man? And even if he has been said things like that it in no way acts as a hindrance to his freedom. Why are only girl/women condemned because of their sex and why not guys/men? We have no answer to all these questions except the fact that we are condemned ” because we are girls”.

Girls and women are subjected to  a number of restrictions all their live. They are supposed to sacrifice when not required, sit in a certain way, talk in a certain manner, dress properly, study till a particular age only and a lot more based on the most illogical reason all their lives. How are women/girls supposed to feel good about themselves when their sex is used against them ? Are women supposed to be happy about being a woman or feel bad because their womanhood does nothing but restricts them and bind them in any possible way.

In fact on the other hand guys are given a discretion a lot of times because of their sex. Their manhood saves them a lot many times. Now are we supposed to believe that our society promotes equality? No, because clearly it doesn’t. But we are also just not supposed to believe in this reason and stop ourselves from doing things we want to do. We as girl/women, the other equal half are required to question this reason. We are supposed to question as to how does us being a girl really matters. It is because our sex should not make us inferior or submissive, it should not bind us in any way or make us feel bad about our selves.

It is not our sex’s fault that we are confined it is our society’s mentality which needs to be changed. Your being a girl should not act as a base to your decisions in life, it is in fact supposed to offer you all that life has for you. It is because you’re a girl that you are a beautiful soul, an equal part of the society, someone who has the right to enjoy everything in life.

It is because you’re a girl that you have the right to live your life.

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