Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara!!!

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Am so done with this! I quit… This is a standard phrase that we all get to hear especially from the youth. What happens when it’s actually implemented? That’s suicide. Were you aware of the fact that suicide contributes to 12% of the annual mortality! India ranks a little higher in this aspect, India contributes to 20% of the global suicide rate.

Suicide is generally a tendency or behavioral pattern not rising suddenly at the spur of the moment. It is most common in youth of the urban areas and middle aged group in  the rural areas. There are various reasons for suicide be it financial, family, love, etc. but is it really justified?

71% of suicides are below the age of 44 and 40% of suicides are below the age of 30 in India. Also suicides are 4 to 5 times more prevalent in men than women. Hence majority of suicides are more common in youth… What could be the reason? Is it that our problems have multiplied compared to our ancestors or are we being impatient & intolerant? This  is a question is often unanswered.


Every morning as we open the newspapers we see several cases of suicide. I never really grasped the urgency of the situation till I read an article about a 11-year old girl in urban Andhra Pradesh who had taken her life by hanging herself to death because her father couldn’t buy her a pair of anklets he promised her for Ugadi.

Such is the mindset of children these days. The moment they realize that they might not be able to fulfill their desires they decide on giving up their life.  

The reason for such foolish behavior is because they do not know the value of life bestowed upon them. They are not aware of the fact that once life is lost it is impossible to regain it. They do not realize what they are foregoing for what they want. Stress is also a major factor that accounts for suicide. Often stress leads to depression which results in suicide in many cases.


Sometimes suicide is just a way to escape from major troubles. A few cases suggest that suicide is the only way out, And people felt that it was easier to quit rather than fighting against the odds on Earth.

In most countries suicide is a criminal offence and in most religions on the world it is a taboo. And people who committed suicide were denied the honors of a normal burial, and also were condemned to a life of hell on Earth by the supernatural powers and their soul was banned from entering heaven. It is still illegal in US, India and other South East Asian Countries.

There is a saying that goes The mind weakens only at a certain point and if you can bring out your mind from that point you happen to emerge out really strong, so the strength is within us and it is upto us if we wish to unleash he raw strength and come out braver or succumb to the temporary wounds and quit from the world.

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